BDO Adventure: How to reach Port Ratt via liner & 15 nodes of Vadabin and Juur Sea

This guide tells you how to reach Port Ratt via liner, along with the nodes that highlight Vadabin and Juur Sea. You do not need Explorer's Compass in Vadabin and Juur unlike in Magoria and Ross. There are sea monsters in Juur Sea near the edge where it meets Magoria, but I was able to keep a safe distance from them when I was highlighting the entire area. They overall do not pose threat when traveling around Vadabin and Juur Sea, but do keep an eye on them because they will hunt you down once you get their attention.


Journey to Port Ratt via liner

You have to first find Chadwick on the right side of Olvia Coast. There is a wharf right next to where the river meets the sea.

There is a wharf on the east side of Olvia Coast.
This is the liner to Lema Island. You can see Chadwick looking at the far horizon.


The liner sets off after making a temporary stop, and then arrives at Lema Island. You have to get off the boat and move slightly north to another wharf where the huge sailboat to Port Ratt makes a stop. Get on the boat and it will take you straight to Port Ratt. Try to stay away from sea monsters as soon as you see them on the minimap, because they attack you as the boat passes them by.

The huge boat on the map is the one that takes you to Port Ratt.
This is the ship you should hop on to go to Port Ratt.


Vadabin & Juur Sea

There are total 8 nodes in Vadabin and 7 in Juur Sea. The numbers labeled on each spot do not necessarily represent the recommended order of which you should travel; you can go back and forth in between Vadabin and Juur to save time if you wish to highlight both areas at once.


Detailed look at the nodes around Vadabin Sea

The first spot is located right below the peninsula near Port Ratt.
The second spot lies on the east coast of the island on the very left side.
Look for the island right below Nada Island for the third spot.
The fourth spot lies on the southwest coast of Zagam Island.
The fifth spot is on the east of Mariul Island past the group of smaller islands.
Find the lonesome island on the south side of three small islands for the sixth spot.
Refer to the islands on your west to adjust your latitude.
Keep traveling northeast to highlight the last spot of Vadabin Sea.


Detailed look at the nodes around Juur Sea

Travel southeast from the last Vadabin node to find Yurr's first node.
The second point is quite close to the first one.
The third spot lies on similar latitude with the sixth node of Vadabin, although further east.
Yurr's fourth spot is located on the far east of Zagam Island.
Keep traveling southwest to highlight the fifth spot.
Refer to the two islands on your west to adjust your latitude.
You are done now. All 15 spots discovered.


Journey back home

Hop on the liner at Port Ratt for your journey home.
Look for Hemsworth standing on the left side of the huge sailboat to return to land.

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    level 1 Janu_Xhadra


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    level 1 RobidyBobidy


    Yeah, all those "nodes" that are in the water are invisible or something. Couldn't find a single one. Thanks for wasting my time

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      level 1 Plasmastorm73


      You must either be lost or just in the wrong area because I found them with little problem.

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