Black Nodes Online: farming Silver with timber and honey

There are numerous ways to farm Silver in Black Desert Online, and one way is to hire workers and let them do the job while you are out grinding and fishing. Connecting nodes and investing assets may seem trivial at first, but it grows into a bigger economy as you expand your business with the contribution points you earn. There are numerous things to do, from harvesting potatoes to crafting Epheria Sailboat - you simply have to choose which you want to focus on and specialize in.

This guide will introduce some profitable nodes where you can harvest popular raw materials that sell well in the marketplace. I focused only on lumbering this time along with the honey node at Alejandro Farm; all raw materials mentioned here are confirmed to sell very well, at least in KR server. You can dig further into gathering and crafting to extract more profit out of these nodes.

All these nodes are yours to take.


Harvesting wood

Wood items are widely used for various purposes and are thus good money makers. You can just enlist them on the marketplace for quick profit if you are not planning on crafting anything, or you can start looking for what you can make out of all the ingredients you’ve gathered. Most timber items sell well and guarantee you constant profit, especially those listed below that are used to craft Calpheon and Mediah Timber Crates. You can either choose to sell the raw materials right away to save time and effort, or you can decide to craft timber crates and sell them to trade managers.


Timber Crates for trade

Calpheon and Mediah Timber Crates are the first and second most profitable timber crates you can craft with a level 1 wood workbench. This places them among the most popular crafting goods, which means that the raw ingredients also sell well. Crafting timber crates requires more time and effort than just producing timber, but also results in a large increase in profit if you stretch the node all the way and sell your items to the furthest trade manager possible.

Unless you have enough assets, knowledge, and life skills to craft crates and sell them on the other side of the globe, (it requires certain knowledge to craft plywoods, and some trade skill to maximize income) I suggest that you sell raw timber for the time being, as it still gives you profit without excessive effort. You can work on your life skills slowly while selling the often excessive raw material you harvest.


Cedar: Oze Pass, Longleaf Tree Forest, Lumberjack’s Rest Area

Oze Pass is located in between Calpheon and Heidel, just south of Delphe Knights Castle. Longleaf Tree Forest and Lumberjack’s Rest Area are close to Trent, so you may want to consider hiring workers in Trent if you want to harvest more cedar timber. There are also other lumbering nodes around Trent that produce fir and pine timber, so it is worth investing in Trent and having workers there if you want to increase your lumber output.


Birch: Quint Hill, Old Dandelion, Bree Tree Ruins

Quint Hill lies close to Epheria Port, but connecting the nodes from Epheria Port to lumbering in Quint Hill costs you total of 9 CP due to the Epheria Sentry Post and Isolated Sentry Post costing 3 CP each.

Bree Tree Ruins and Old Dandelion are both accessible from Calpheon with 8 and 6 CP each to activate lumbering.


Fir: Treant Forest, Mansha Forest, Phoniel’s Cabin

Treant Forest lies in an accessible location from Trent with 6 CP to activate lumbering. Expand north with another 5 CP and you can harvest fir timber as well from Mansha Forest. Phoniel’s Cabin is closer from Calpheon with a required CP of 6 to activate lumbering.


White cedar: Mediah Northern Highlands, Elric Shrine

White Cedar is an ingredient for Mediah Lumber Crates along with Acacia, and is distributed to the east of Velia and Heidel. Mediah Northern Highlands’ lumbering node is located closer to Velia, but actually costs less CP if you connect from Heidel. While the lumbering node requires a total of 15 CP to be connected from Velia, it costs 12 CP if you connect from Heidel and also from Tarif. It also makes it easier for you to connect to another node that produces white cedar, Elric Shrine. Note that Mediah Northern Highlands has another lumbering node that produces maple timber, which you can acquire with 3 CP.


Acacia: Stonetail Wasteland

Stonetail Wasteland lies right next to Elric Shrine and produces acacia timber. Activating the lumber node here requires a total 10 CP if you connect from Tarif. I strongly recommend that you connect this node and also the white cedar nodes mentioned above through Canyon of Corruption because it opens two ways, each leading to Elric Shrine and Stonetail Wasteland. Right above Elric Shrine lies Mediah Northern Highlands, so Canyon of Corruption leads you to a total of 4 lumbering nodes.


Pine tree: Marie Cave, Serendia Shrine

Pine is also valuable, especially for those that are planning on making Epheria Sailboat. You need 1500 pine plywood to craft the ship, which roughly translates into 10,000 pine timber. You can activate lumbering in Serendia Shrine by connecting from Glish with 6 CP. Marie Cave’s lumbering node can be connected from Keplan at 8 CP and 10 CP from Behr.


Cooking Honey

Cooking Honey sells well in KR server due to it being a popular cooking ingredient, so it is a good moneymaker even for those who are not into cooking. I personally throw 500 honey to the marketplace at once and always return to find all of them sold.


Honey: Alejandro Farm

Alejandro Farm is probably the most cost-effective node for those seeking profit for minimal node expansion, and also the only node so far in BDO that can produce honey. You can invest minimum of 4 CP to produce cooking honey at Alejandro Farm. Activate honey production at Alejandro Farm either through Lynch Farm Ruins or the Northern Guard Camp. Connecting the nodes through Northern Guard Camp costs you two extra CP, but opens the first step to connecting Velia and Heidel.

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