Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes March 14th - New Area and New Main Weapon


[New Content]

New area “Star Grave” has been added to the northwest of Calpheon.
  -  The area is located at northwest of Calpheon, where the whole area is covered by thick fog. Extremely powerful monsters dwell here.

New mainhand weapon “Black Star” weapon has been added.
  -  The Black Star weapons are red-grade weapons.
  -  The Black Star weapons are obtainable through a quest that you can start when you have a specific item.
  -  Enhancement up to +15 will require Concentrated Magical Black Stones, and enhancement above PRI will require a new type of Black Stone specially crafted for the weapon.
  -  The Black Star weapons cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones.


[Nation War]

New Galley and Fishing Boat that can be used during Nation War have been added.
  -  You can use Ram, Power Acceleration, and Breezy Sail with the Nation War Galley regardless of your character’s Sailing level.
  -  Nation War Galley and Fishing Boat will spawn at the coastal area in each nation.
  -  You can board on Galleys and Fishing Boats regardless of nation, and fire cannons using cannon balls.
  -  Cannon Balls are obtainable by destroying Cannon Ball Boxes which are located near the place where each nation’s siege weapons are located.

Resurrection system has been added.
  -  You need Resurrection Points to resurrect during the Nation War. 10 Points are required in order to revive 1 player.
  -  The player who died first will be resurrected first. If you decide not to resurrect, the player who died right after you will get a chance to revive.
  -  You can obtain Resurrection Points when a player in your nation dies (1 point) or when you use “Essence of Life” (10 points), which is obtainable from gathering any resources nearby.

Supply Wagon has been added.
  -  Only the leader of the Lord guild can use the Supply Wagon.
  -  The leader of the Lord guild can order the Supply Wagon to depart by clicking on the button at the top right corner of the world map.
  -  The Supply Wagon can be sent to one of the three bases of each nation.
  -  When the Supply Wagon arrives, Supply Officer NPC will appear and you can heal by talking to the NPC.
  -  Supply Wagon will disappear 30 seconds after arrival.
  -  Supply Wagons can be destroyed while moving, so it must be protected. Also, the number of times you can use Supply Wagons is limited.

All NPCs will disappear when the Nation War starts, and Nation War merchants will appear.
  -  You can only repair items, use NPC shops, stables, wharfs through the Nation War NPCs during the Nation War.
  -  You can only heal your horses through Nation War merchants. You cannot take out a horse that is in the stable.
  -  Nation War merchants are located near the three bases or near the entrance of each town.

Nation War-exclusive combat messages will be displayed at the top right corner, next to the mini map.

System messages that are displayed in the middle of the screen will not be displayed to those who are at the Nation War.

The leaders of each guild can use the ! command to send a message to everyone who is in the same nation. The message will be displayed on the middle of the screen.

The emblem of the guilds that are in the Nation War will change into each nation’s emblem during the Nation War.

When a player dies during the Nation War, the player’s location will be displayed on the world map.
  -  Location of a maximum of 20 players will be displayed.

Nation War status UI has been added.
  -  The UI will be displayed below the mini map.
  -  The UI will replace the quest widget during the Nation War.
  -  You can check the remaining HP of the commander NPCs of each nation.

Movement speed of Medium/Large Siege Towers, Cannons, and supply cart has increased by 30%.


[Improved Content]

Devour feature has been improved.
  -  You can now use Devour even when you have more than +1 failstacks.
  -  If you have more than +1 failstacks, you can only Devour green or higher gear. (No item grade restrictions when you have 0 failstack.)
  -  You can use +8 or higher weapons and +6 or higher armors as a Devour material. (Same as before)
  -  New sound effects are added when the Devour succeeds.
  -  A pop-up window describing the Devour feature has been added.

The amount of Caphras Stones required to Caphras-Enhance a PEN(V) gear has decreased by 25%.
  -  The amount has decreased, but the effect will remain the same.
  -  There are a total of 20 Caphras levels, and the amount of Caphras Stones required to upgrade the Cahpras level to the next level has decreased.
  -  If you have already used Caphras Stones to upgrade your PEN gear, the Caphras level of your gear will be adjusted in accordance with the new required amount. If you have already upgraded your gear to level 20 (maximum Caphras level), the difference will be sent to your mailbox.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fixed the issue where Toxic Flood and Lava Field did not fully hit enemies.

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Comments :6

  • 0

    level 1 Vrain


    Can you provide us some Information about the stats of the "Black Star" weapons?

    • 0

      level 30 Yullie

      @Vrain There is no information available yet :( seems like no one has gotten the weapon so far 
  • 0

    level 1 Matheus_Garcia


    About the Black Star weapons, will it replace Kzarka/Offin, Dandelion or both?

    • 0

      level 30 Yullie


      The Black Star weapon is a mainhand weapon, so it will replace Kzarka/Offin. However, it might not have the exact same stats as the Kzarka/Offin weapons, since it will be a "red-grade" weapon.

  • 0

    level 1 Matheus_Garcia


    About devour when i have more than +1 Failstaks, this means that now i will keep beign able to devour itens upd to let say 180 failstacks? For example, i have a char with a 170 FS, i will be able to devour a +10 item and go do +180 fs?
    • 0

      level 30 Yullie


      It seems like you cannot accumulate failstacks through Devouring :( The new stack will overwrite the old one. I will test this to make sure when this update goes live in the KR server and let you know. Thanks!

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