BDO KR Patch Notes Jan 31st - New Content added: War Hero and Dark Rift



New Event: Defeat Mammore
  -  From Jan 31st to Feb 13th
  -  Defeat Mammore to win different rewards!

New Event: Share greetings for New Year
  -  From Jan 31st to Feb 13th
  -  Share warm new year’s greetings and get special rewards.

New Event: Exp Boost hours of Lunar New Year
  -  From Feb 1st to Feb 7th
  -  Enjoy exp boost hours and achievements during lunar new year’s holidays!

New Event: Pearl Shop sales of Lunar New Year
  -  From Jan 31st to Feb 20th
  -  Meet Golden Lucky Bags, new year’s package, and special discounts!


[Shadow Arena]

Musa and Kunoichi have been added in Shadow Arena.

Musa - Skills will be activated in the following order when you press Space+LMB during basic attack. If you do not have any of the skills, the last one will be used consecutively.
  -  Blooming
  -  Cyclone Slash
  -  Blind Slash
  -  Rising Storm
  -  Forward basic attack

Kunoichi - Skills will be activated in the following order when you press Space+LMB during basic attack. If you do not have any of the skills, the last one will be used consecutively.
  -  Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight
  -  Flash Slash
  -  Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp
  -  Fox Claw (Deleted)
  -  Kunai Throw

A total of 600 HP will be recovered upon 30 seconds when you kill an enemy.

Voice Chat has been added in Shadow Arena.
  -  You can use voice chat with your party members only.

When you possess a Seal Stone, you will get 1 Fire Bullet and movement speed will decrease by 30%.
Stun trap will inflict stun for 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

Warrior - Piercing Spear will deal 10% more damage.

Sorceress - Dark Flame, Rushing Crow, Darkness Released, and Night Crow will be acquirable instead of High Kick, Shadow Ignition, Bloody Calamity, and Shadow Eruption.

Berserker - Predatory Hunt will deal 10% more damage.

Berserker - Falling Rock will deal 30% more damage.

Dark Knight - Chances of obtaining Nocturne or Hidden Strike are doubled and chances of obtaining Lunacy of Vedir or Air Strike are halved.

Mystic - Basic attack (Heavy Fist and Soul Basher) will deal 15% more damage.

Tamer - Basic attack (Leaf Slash and Evasive Attack) will deal 10% less damage.

Shadow Arena reward distribution based on ranks has changed.

Shadow Arena Reward window has been added.
  -  If you have any Shadow Arena rewards you can claim, an icon will appear at the bottom right corner of the main screen.
  -  All rewards will be sent to your character’s inventory. (Silver may be sent to the storage of the nearest town.)
  -  You can check the reward in the lobby but have to leave the lobby in order to claim the reward.

Descriptive texts are added to “Search Party”, “Shadow Arena Ranking”, and “Game Setting” buttons.

Item slots and skill slots can now be moved in Shadow Arena.

The name of the button that appears on the Shadow Arena result window and when you die during Shadow Arena has changed to “Spectator Mode”.

Spectator mode will be available when your party member is far away.

The party will remain when the Shadow Arena ends or when you are in the waiting mode after entering the Shadow Arena.



Igor Bartali’s Adventure Journal has been added.
  -  The book contains Igor Bartali’s adventure 50 years ago. You can follow his trails and clear certain missions to get character stat bonus which will affect every characters in your family.
  -  You can receive Volume 1 from the Black Spirit when your character has completed all of the main quests up to Calpheon and has reached level 51.
  -  There are a total of 8 volumes. You can get Volume 2 once you complete volume 1, and so on.
  -  Right click on Igor Bartali’s Adenture Journal to read details on the missions.
  -  You can talk to Clara Siciliano, the book seller in Calpheon, to get Igor Bartalk’s Adventure Journal again when you lost one.

War Hero has been added.
  -  You can fight for other guilds in guild wars, node war, and conquest war and receive rewards.
  -  You can make a contract with guild officers or guild leaders. The contractee and the contractor must be in the same server, and the contractee must not have any guild items.
  -  You cannot make a contract from 0:00 to 1:00 or during node/conquest war hours.
  -  The guild that is currently owning a territory cannot hire a Hero, and members of the guild that is currently owning a territory cannot join other guilds as a Hero.
  -  Guilds that are in the Alliance can hire a Hero, and members of Guild Alliance can join other guilds as a Hero.
  -  Guild leaders cannot be the War Hero, and a guild that has the Hero cannot establish an Alliance.
  -  Guild member+War Hero cannot exceed the maximum number of guild members. (e.g. Extra large guild that has 66 members can hire a maximum of 34 Heroes)

Being a War Hero  
  -  War Hero can participate guild wars, node war, and conquest war as a temporary member of the guild.
  -  War Hero can check the guild’s info, member status, skills, Alliance, and Node/Conquest war status. War Hero can use two-seater guild mount, guild summon scroll, guild mounts, and annex. (Cannot build an annex)
  -  Guild skills of the guild you joined as a War Hero will be applied.
  -  You can use the guild chat of the guild you joined as a War Hero.
  -  You can use the guild money of the guild you joined as a War Hero, if the guild leader sets your Guild Expense first.
  -  You cannot check the guild missions, guild history, guild recruitment, guild war, and guild craft functions of the guild you joined as a Hero.
  -  You cannot use the guild storage or learn guild skills in the guild you joined as a Hero.
  -  You will not get the benefits of conquering a territory (item drop chance increase) when the guild you joined as a Hero conquers a territory.
  -  You can join the voice chat of the guild you joined as a Hero. (This will be updated later.)

War Hero Reward
  -  You will receive a certain percentage of the guild money as down payment. (Max 10 million silver)
Victory reward will be given if the guild you joined as a Hero wins Node/Conquest war that day. (Max 20 million silver)
  -  Down payment and Victory reward cannot exceed the total amount of guild money that the guild has. Victory reward will be deducted from the guild money first. If the guild wins, the money will be given to the Hero and if the guild loses, the money will be return to the guild. If the territory is liberated or the guild did not participate in the warfare, the money will be return to the guild at 24:00.

War Hero contract termination
  -  Heroes cannot terminate the contract on their own. All contracts will be terminated automatically at 24:00.
  -  Everyone who was a War Hero will automatically reconnect to the game when the contract terminates.
  -  Guild items that the War Hero has will be removed when the contract terminates.

Guild Member Vacation system has been added.
  -  Members who are on Vacation will not receive any guild benefits and will not affect the number of guild members, but can still be in the guild. (e.g. if 10 members are on Vacation among 100 members, the guild will be able to hire 10 Heroes of the Battlefield.)
  -  Click on the Vacation/Return button on the Guild Information window to take a Vacation or return to the guild.
  -  Guild members who are on Vacation cannot receive daily salaries, participate in guild missions, declare war, recruit other players to guild, and/or kick out guild members.
  -  Guild members who are on Vacation cannot be guild leaders, and guild skills will not be applied.
  -  Players who are on Vacation cannot participate in Node/Conquest wars, or be a War Hero.
  -  In order to participate in Node/Conquest Wars, at least 4 hours must pass after you click on the Return button. If a War Hero is taking your place, you cannot return to the guild until the contract with the Hero is over.

Boss monsters dominated by Black Spirit have been summoned to the world of Black Desert.
  -  If you have at least one character that has completed [Adventure Complete] Journey in Mediah, the Dark Rift will open.
  -  Dark Rift in Valencia will open when you complete [Adventure Complete] Journey in Valencia.
  -  Only the boss monsters in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia will appear for now.
  -  System message will be displayed when Dark Rift appears and the location will be marked on the world map.
  -  You can get a box that gives accessories by chance when you defeat the boss monsters dominated by Black Spirit.
  -  Boss monsters dominated by Black Spirit is only visible to you. Party members or other players cannot attack them.
  -  There are no death disadvantages from dying.
  -  The monsters will not disappear when you disconnect or change server.
  -  The monsters cannot be attacked during Node/Conquest war. You need to change your server in order to attack them.

You can get Evil Desire of Black Spirit by defeating the boss monsters dominated by Black Spirit. You can exchange the item with the following rewards.

You can exchange Evil Desire of Black Spirit from the following NPCs
  -  Heidel: Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
  -  Western Guard Camp: Cliff
  -  Calpheon: Valks
  -  Grana: Hazel Azealia
  -  Duvencrune: Odelphin
  -  Altinova: Sarma Anin
  -  Valencia: Barhan Nesser

The following monster drop items are removed from Balenos and Serendia.
  -  White/Green main weapons and sub weapons
  -  Rebar, Reblath, Argerian, Taritas, Zereth, and Talis Armor Set
  -  Yuria, Bares, Hesus, Alisha, Calis, and Talis Accessories
  -  Magic Crystal
  -  Tradable items
  -  Materials (Rough stone, wood, hide, etc.)
  -  Silver

The following monster drop items are removed from Calpheon.
  -  Magic Crystal
  -  Tradable items
  -  Materials
  -  Silver

Chances of obtaining trash loot items from the monsters in Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon have greatly decreased.
  -  Prices of trash loot items have increased.

Chances of obtaining Black Stones from the monsters in Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon have increased.

Monsters in Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon will drop Ancient Spirit’s Powder.

Descriptive text regarding Stamina has been added to the Courser Training tooltip.

Horse Market price and Imperial delivery price for Dream Horses have increased 3 times.

Horse Market, Breeding Market, and Imperial delivery prices of T1 to T8 Courser Horses have increased 3 times.

Trade managers are buying fishes without any conditions. Trading fishes will not be affected by node connection from now on. (Edit: Distance bonus is still intact. Only the price reduction when nodes are not connected is gone.) 



Fixed the issue where the following Black Spirit skills could be used twice consecutively by locking and unlocking Black Spirit’s Rage.
  -  Warrior: Solar Flare
  -  Sorceress: Cartian’s Protection, Cartian’s Nightmare
  -  Witch: Voltaic Pulse, Fissure Save, Thunder Storm
  -  Maehwa: Chaos: Red Moon
  -  Lahn: Pendulum Kick, Cymbidium, Bridled Despair, Tailspin
  -  Ninja: Beheading the Dead, Spinning Blade, Drastic Measure, Serpent Ascension
  -  Kunoichi: Wheel of Wrath, Lethal Spin Spree
  -  Dark Knight: Lunacy of Vedir, Obsidian Ashes, Seed of Catastrophe
  -  Striker: Rampaging Predator
  -  Mystic: Sweeping Kick



Dark Flame will not have forward guard when the skill is on cooldown.

Rushing Crow can be used with quickslots.



Fixed the issue where the last hit of Elastic Force I and III did not deal damage properly in PvP.

Fixed the issue where the charging attack in Flame Buster inflicted knock down when the skill is used during cooldown.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Black Moonlight will not have super armor.

Black Moonlight will inflict stun.



The Tamer can now use basic forward attack immediately after sprint attack.

Fixed the issue where the Tamer switched back to Celestial Bo Staff when you press C after Absorb Heilang in Celestial Bo Staff stance.


[Dark Knight]

Dusk will consume 150 Stamina instead of 250. (Will consume the same amount when the skill used during cooldown.)

Spirit Hunt, Twilight Dash, and Smoky Haze will consume Stamina.


[Striker and Mystic]

Defense against magic classes (Sorceress, Tamer, DK, Witch, and Wizard) has decreased and the damage taken from the above classes has increased by 6-8%.



The condition to equip Valks Greatbow has changed to Level 50 or over.

Descriptive text about the materials necessary to upgrade [Guild] Barricade has been added to the tooltip.

Design: Karlstein and Old Moon Costume Workshop. You can craft Karlstein costume at the Old Moon Costume Workshop.
  -  Design: Karlstein is obtainable from the quest “The Hero from the story is in Calpheon?”. You can receive the quest from NPC Rubin when you have more than 1 Mysterious Pattern Piece.
  -  Mysterious Pattern Piece is obtainable from monsters by a very low chance.
  -  Old Moon Costume Workshop is available in the following houses: Heidel 2-3 2nd floor, Heidel 3-4, Heidel 7-4 2nd floor, Noble District 1-6, Slum 3-4, Merchant District 2-5 1st floor, Market District 7-6 2nd floor, Chapel 2-5 2nd floor, Altinova 2-3, Altinova 6-5, Grana 2, Grana 14, Duvencrune 8, Duvencrune 9 2nd floor

You will receive Kamasylve Box as an additional reward for Shadow Arena if you have Blessing of Kamasylve.
  -  You can get accessories from Kamasylve Box. You will get more Kamasylve Boxes if your rank is higher.



Petrified Soldier and Petrified Adventurer in Basilisk Den will not attack the players first.

Monsters in the following area have been redistributed so more players can grind in the area: Basilisk Den, Pila Ku Jail, Hystria Ruins, Aakman Temple

You can now obtain Eye of the Ruins Ring in Red Wolf Settlement.


[Integrated Marketplace]

You can sell/buy items within the price range of -10% to +10% of the standard price of the item.

If there aren’t any items registered for sale, you can pre-order or sell the item within the price range of -10% to +10% of the standard price of the item.

If there are items registered for sale, the buyer can purchase the item by paying the money equal to the price of the item or by paying more money. However, even if the buyer is paying more money, the buyer will be spending the money equal to the price of the item.

If a buyer pre-orders an item with the price below the item’s standard selling price, the purchase will be in waiting until someone registers the item with the price that matches the buyer’s pre-order price.

The selling price of items will change more flexibly.

Special Deals will be available again.
  -  When your party obtains an item that you set for special deals, the item will be sold with 65% price of the item’s standard price and the money will be distributed among party members.


[Quest and Knowledge]

As some quests are now categorized as the main quest, the story quest obtainable from Emma Bartali will be unavailable.
  -  The knowledge obtainable from the quests will be given to you through the main quests. If you have already finished the main quests, talk to NPC Alustin and Emma Bartali to get the knowledge.

Lost Gift(Adventurer’s Tome) will not be available if you have Chenga - Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom.

[Repeat] Good Old Friends will give 100 CP exp instead of 20.



New tooltips are added for the following buttons in Shadow Arena: Search Party, Shadow Arena Ranking, Game Settings

The colors of quick slots during tutorials have changed.

New icon to show AP/DP changes when you change your gear has been added.

The button to select where to move your item when your inventory/storage/mount inventory windows are all open has been redesigned.
  -  The name of the mount will show.


[Gameworld and NPC]

The condition to interact with Unstable Crevice has changed.
  -  Complete “Mysterious companion” > Complete “Into the Sweet Honey Jar”

A button to see the giant tree behind the node manager has been added when interacting with Treant Spirit.

Loggia Horsewhip and Izaro Horsewhip are added to the NPC shops of stable managers.
  -  All stable managers sell Loggia Horsewhip, but Izaro Horsewhip are available only for those who have more than 100 Amity.
  -  However, Izaro will sell Izaro Horsewhip to everyone without any Amity condition.



Guild Apprentice has been added.
  -  When a player join a guild, the player will be a guild Apprentice for two weeks.
  -  Guild Apprentices can participate in warfare and guild missions, and will receive daily salaries. Apprentices can also use guild expenses and receive guild skill effects.
  -  Apprentices cannot receive guild bonus, and cannot be guild officer/quartermaster.
  -  Apprentices will be official guild members at the noon of two weeks after the day they joined the guild.

In order to pay guild bonus, there must be at least 30 members not including Apprentices in the guild.

Game client will shut off automatically when you are playing the game in abnormal ways like using illegal softwares or altering the game client.

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Comments :14

  • 0

    level 1 Biggs_gaming


    Trade managers are buying fishes without any conditions. Trading fishes will not be affected by node connection from now on.

    WTF is this. No distance bonus? Did they just murder fishing?

    • 0

      level 3 Dringe


      I'm really concerned about this note too, I really hope this is meant only for Imperial Fishing or something, cause otherwise this is a huge nerf.

    • 0

      level 1 You_Bad


      It means you no longer have to connect the nodes, distance bonus is still intact.

    • 0

      level 27 Yullie


      Sorry for not clarifying it enough :( It means the disadvantages that comes when nodes are not connected will no longer affect fish prices. Distance bonus will be intact. I'll make a note next to that line. Thanks!

  • 0

    level 3 Anna_Naito


    RIP DK...we had good times with each other. I will miss you T_T

    • 0

      level 1 Vekkna

      @Anna_Naito I assumed the stam cost replaced the mana cost, in which case that's a pretty big buff for PVE and against mana-drains. Is it just an extra stam cost on top of mana cost? It's worded the same as the Ranger dash change, and that was a resource replacement.
  • 0

    level 1 starlyn

    What is "Design: Karlstein"? Can you craft the pearlshop costume or is it something else?

  • 0

    level 1 Kaan_Aydin

    team behind balancing classes;

    +Game released years ago and we can't balance them yet.
    - Well , What should we do ?
    + Let's nerf dk again. You can't kill somebody that already dead right ?

  • 0

    level 1 Diggin_Hole


    re "Guild Leave of Absence system". Can someone please clarify whether a person on such leave is still eligible for guild payout? Or, if you are on leave, you are excluded from the payout roster?

    • 0

      level 1 Diggin_Hole

      @Diggin_Hole by payouts I meant bonus payments, noy salary.
    • 0

      level 27 Yullie


      Hello, the person who is on a leave of absence will be excluded from the payout roster, as the person will not receive any guild benefits. Thanks!

    • 0

      level 1 Diggin_Hole


      Thanks for your reply @Yullie. We had this system intoduced to our servers today, and had one person take leave to test the system. However, he still shows up in the bonus payment distrubution window. Are you sure about exclusion? Maybe we need to wait for some time before he is dropped from the list? Out total guild count also remained unaffected even though he is now "on vacation".

    • 0

      level 1 Diggin_Hole


      P.S. - the person who took leave is an officer (maybe this is relevant too)

    • 0

      level 28 Yullie


      Thanks for letting me know. In the KR patch notes it says that the person who is on vacation "will not receive any guild benefits" including daily pay, but did not mention anything about bonus pay so I assumed that the person won't receive bonus pay either. I just checked the global patch notes and the KR patch notes again but none of them mentions anything about bonus pay :(

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