"Take a bow!" New costume for female characters captures the grace of traditional korean clothing

The new costume named 'Wolhyangwha' has been released on Black Desert Online KR! It is a costume released in celebration of Korean Thanksgiving, and is inspired by the traditional Korean garment known as the 'Hanbok'. This costume has a special feature that allows your character to perform a traditional Korean bow. 'Wolhyangwha' can be worn by every female character; it features a Helmet, Armor and Shoes.

The helmet decorates the back of the head with a beautiful ornament, while the gold-embroidered Armor really captures the Hanbok style, with a bit of an athletic twist. The arms are covered with a mix of golden gauntlets and an elegant sheer cloth; there is also a shawl that can be put on/taken off depending on which look you prefer.


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    level 1 Yiersan

    Will NA get this costume?

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