Guaranteed Enhancement from +13 to +15 at 90 Durability Added in Black Desert Online

On August 9th (Thu), the Guaranteed Enhancement has been added to the Black Desert Online. This enhances a weapon, secondary weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, and boots 100% with the new type of Black Stone. However, the feature cannot be used on lifeskill-related equipment such as the Magical Manos Gatherer’s Uniform.

This feature only reduces 30 durabilities upon succeeding the enhancement in which the number is much lower than 100 durabilities with the compulsory enhancement. Further, the effects of Valks’ Cry and Enhancement Chance Increase effects still remain the same as the enhancement rate of the new feature is 100%.

The required materials differ depending on the equipment grade; green, blue, and yellow need Stabilized, Purified, and Pure Magical Black Stone respectively. The required number of materials is also different depending on the item’s enhancement level; 5, 8, and 13 Black Stones for +13, +14, and +15 respectively. The required number does not, however, change depending on the equipment grade. In summary, you will need 13 Pure Magical Black Stones in order to enhance +14 yellow equipment to +15.

If you reform an item and the item grade is changed, you need a Black Stone that would have been used for the previous grade. For instance, a Grunil Helmet of Iron Will that has been reformed from a Grunil Helmet would need a Stabilized Magical Black Stone.


To use the feature, call upon the Black Spirit, open the Enhancement window, and choose both the equipment you would like to enhance and corresponding Black Stones. The required Black Stones are automatically highlighted in the inventory.

The new Black Stones that are needed for the Guaranteed Enhancement are obtained from World and Field Bosses, and they are not tradeable on the Trade Exchange. You can also obtain Stabilized Magical Black Stones through the new achievement called Gorgath’s Gift. The total number of Stabilized Black Stones is 26; 5 at each level from 50 to 53, and 6 at level 54. The achievement is automatically completed when you have a character over level 54.

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    level 2 BiNaan_Wohlrab


    Any info on how to aquire the new item for yellow tier enchantments?

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      level 1 InFaMoUsZero


      From world bosses.

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