Reach Level 64 to get an Accessory same as TRI Ogre Ring: New Challenge and Capotia Necklace added

On August 1st, a new Challenge for reaching Level 64 has been added in Black Desert Online. The reward for the new Challenge will be Capotia Necklace, which has 25 AP and 16 Accuracy. The stats are the same as TRI: Ogre Ring, and the Capotia Necklace cannot be enhanced.

The Capotia Necklace is the fourth Capotia Accessory after Capotia Ring, Earring, and Belt. The Ring has the same stats as TRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian, the Earring has the same stats as TRI: Tungrad Earring, and the Belt has the same stats as TRI: Basilisk’s Belt.

There are no adjustments made to the exp capacity at the moment, so reaching Level 64 will be a big challenge as of now.


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    level 13 Tiri


    Ring as TRI Crescent Ring for 61 level is... well, OK. But earn (?) a level 62 is more hard work and you get something like TRI Tungrad Earing. Hey, with current meta all 60+ should have TRI gold accessories for a decent gear. Well, OK. But a TRI basilisk belt for 63 level and TRI ogre necklace for 64? It is not funny. 61-62 takes ~200 hours if you have 230+ kutum ap and you grind with const party in Gafin Rahsia (?) Temple full buffed. 62-63 takes about ~2000 hours of grind WITH DECENT GEAR. 63-64 is ten times longer. TRI gold acc as reward just makes no sense!

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      level 1 Nakrast


      For now getting 62, 63 and 64 is really hard, but consider that, eventually, the exp cap will be raised, so those levels will become a lot easier to get.

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      level 13 Tiri


      Sure! If exp can will be raised, this reward makes sense. But not now...

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      level 1 cjb110


      But its not bound or capped (or at least no indications that it is), so you can now give it to an alt. Or at least I assume that's the intent.

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