Information on the new Epheria Frigate gear - Better and Faster Movement

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On July 5th, Epheria Frigate gear was buffed and new Epheria Frigate gear was added in Black Desert Online KR. The new Epheria Frigate gear increases the ship’s movement speed, and the buffed gear now has higher stats.

The new Epheria Frigate gear is: Sea Dragon Prow, Streamlined Black Plating, Serena Cannon, and Foehn Wind Sail. The Sea Dragon Prow has 20 DP and +3% Movement Speed, and the Streamlined Black Plating has 20 DP, +150 LT Weight Limit, and +1% Movement Speed. The Serena Cannon has 21 AP, 20 DP, and +5000 Durability, and lastly the Foehn Wind Sail has +2000 Max Power, +2% Turn, and +1% Movement Speed.


▲ New Epheria Frigate gear information

The new ship gear is craftable in Tier 4 Epheria 1-4, 2nd floor. The common material is 5 of Design: Epheria Frigate, so you will need a total of 20 Designs.

The materials for Sea Dragon Prow are 75 Black Gold Ingots, 2 Golden Pearls, 15 Pure Iron Crystals, and 150 Trace of Chaos. The materials for Streamlined Black Plating are 2 Hard Pillars, 150 Glue, 2250 Ash Plywoods, and 150 Trace of Death. The materials for Serena Cannon are 150 Margoria Dark Irons, 15 Pure Iron Crystals, 45 Sturdy Palm Plywoods, and 150 Trace of Battle. Lastly, the materials for Foehn Wind Sail are 450 Tough Flax Fabric, 120 Glue, 15 Blue Whale Tendon, and 150 Trace of Hunting.


▲ New Epheria Frigate gear materials

The buffed Epheria Frigate gear (Dragon Prow, Enhanced Black Plating, Zafina Cannon, and Black Breeze Sail) now has higher weight limit, turn, and brake.

The Dragon Prow now has an additional stat of +3% Turn, and the Enhanced Black Plating now has +150 LT Weight Limit as well as +3% Turn. Zafina Cannon now has 22 AP instead of 21, and lastly Black Breeze Sail now has +2% Brake.


▲ Buffed Epheria Frigate gear. Newly added or buffed stats are written in green.

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    level 1 Anna_Naito

    Nice. I hope they look different from the old blue gear. or maybe we will get ship skins one day...

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