For Faster Leveling: Lahn Pre-Awakening Skill Basics, Build, and Add-ons at a glance

The Lahn has been added in Black Desert Online NA/EU. The Lahn uses a new main-hand weapon called the Crescent Pendulum. The Crescent Pendulum is a sharp, crescent-shaped pendulum with a ribbon attached to it. The Lahn will throw or kick the pendulum at enemies and spin the weapon around her to attack the enemies nearby.

In PvE, the Lahn frequently uses mobility skills to quickly approach targets. Her signature mobility skill, Nimbus Stride, allows her to move a long distance with dynamic action but it is not used in the middle of grinding often since it has a long cooldown and animation delay.

Below are the recommended skill build and skill add-ons for the Lahn. You do not have to follow the exact build, but it will give you a general idea of what skill and add-ons you should get.

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◆ Recommended Skill Build


◆ Skills you should get first

The Lahn uses different skills and combos from level 1 to 50 and after level 50. At lower levels, Eye of the Phoenix and Moon Slash are used frequently. Moon Slash is automatically activated when using the basic attack, and Eye of the Phoenix is a combo skill that follows other skills. The skills do not deal particularly high damage, but they do not have a cooldown so are recommended for fast leveling at low levels.

After level 50, leveling up becomes slightly harder and Eye of the Phoenix and Moon Slash cannot clear the mobs fast enough. You will have to use other skills like Blooming Nether Flower, Salp'uri Purge, and Cymbidium.

Blooming Nether Flower is a skill where the Lahn moves forward while spinning her Crescent Pendulum. The AoE is large, and it has both Knock Down and Down Attack effects. Salp'uri Purge is a skill where the Lahn spins around in large motion and swings her Crescent Pendulum. It can make enemies float, decreases the enemies’ DP, has Super Armor, and 100% Critical Hit rate. It is commonly used as the Lahn’s main DPS skill.

Cymbidium is a skill that has many skills that follow as a combo. The most commonly used skill after Cymbidium is activated by clicking LMB after Cymbidium, and then an additional Flow skill will follow the combo skill if you hold LMB. The combo skill and the Flow skill can deal damage and increase the Lahn’s survivability thanks to its Bound effect and Down Attack.


▲ Salp'uri Purge has a large area of effect.


◆ Not mandatory, but useful

The following skills will help the Lahn in her DPS cycle or will give the Lahn additional mobility and survivability. Mobility skills are always useful, and skills like Flow: Sacred Dance, Pendulum Cleaver, and Dismemberment are also good for their useful buffs.

Furious Chase, Spring Breeze, and Nimbus Stride are the skills that are either used to initiate a combo or for mobility. Furious Chase is a skill where the Lahn moves a short distance and attacks the enemy with her off-hand weapon. The distance is short, but the casting speed is very fast and the Lahn can quickly connect it to other skills afterwards. It is used as the main mobility skill in PvE.

Spring Breeze has three moves that follow it. After moving a short distance, you can hold W+F, press LMB, or press F for different attacks. Furious Chase is a skill where the Lahn dashes forward and swings her Crescent Pendulum. It has a shorter animation that Spring Breeze. Nimbus Stride is a skill where the Lahn glides a long distance after jumping into the air. It is not a good skill to use in the middle of combat because there is a long animation before the Lahn starts flying, but is a good skill to use to quickly approach an enemy from far away.

Flow: Sacred Dance is a skill where the Lahn “charges” before attacking in a wide area. If you use the skill with keyboard commands, the Lahn gets Forward Guard while charging and Super Armor while attacking. If you use the skill with quick slots, you will not be able to charge so you will deal less damage.

Pendulum Cleaver and Dismemberment will give an Attack Speed buff and AP buff respectively, and the buffs increase as the skill level increases. These aren’t primary DPS skills, but you should consider spending some skill points on them.


▲ The Lahn gets Forward Guard and Super Armor from Flow: Sacred Dance.
▲ The Lahn can move a long distance in a short amount of time using Nimbus Stride.


◆ Skill Add-ons


Skill add-ons will make your pre-awakening skills more powerful. Adding Attack Speed and Movement Speed for Blooming Nether Flower is highly recommended as it is one of the most frequently-used pre-awakening skills. If you want to play more safe, adding HP recovery is a good choice too. However, Eye of the Phoenix is more efficient in terms of HP recovery because it has a higher attack speed.

Salp'uri Purge can have a skill add-on that gives +30 AP against monsters. The second skill add-on can be Accuracy or Pain damage, since decreasing an enemy’s casting speed is not that efficient in PvE and you can get a movement speed buff and HP recovery from other skills.


◆ Rabam Skills 

▲ [Eye of the Phoenex + Blade of Blood] used to be a good Super Armor skill, but is not used anymore.

You can get Rabam skills if you reach level 56 or above. The combinations are [Eye of the Phoenix + Blade of Blood] and [Eye of the Phoenix + Furious Chase], but neither of them will be worth the skill points.[Eye of the Phoenix + Blade of Blood] used to be a good Super Armor skill, but is not used anymore since Super Armor was removed.

Level 57 Rabam skills are [Cymbidium + Morning Dew] and [Cymbidium + Fragrant Stigma]. For both skills, the Lahn will hit the enemies three times. Both skills have long animations, so neither of the skills are used often.

▲ Lahn's Level 56 Rabam Skill, [Eye of the Phoenix + Blade of Blood].


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    level 1 Ihatecraptcha


    Why are you including soul cleansing, an awakened skill in an article on pre awakened skills? You keep doing this. I can't trust your site!
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      Thank you for letting me know. When the Lahn's skills were first introduced in the teaser website the name of the skill Salp'uri Purge was written as Soul Cleansing and I got confused. I apologize for the confusion. The article has been fixed now.

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      Thank you so much for correcting this! Players on NA are thinking you meant soul ascent. Love that you corrected this.

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    Where is the article on Lahn skills to keep after awakened?

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