Black Desert Online

Black Desert Mobile Official English Version will be playable for the first time in the IGEC on May 1st


Pearl Abyss will be joining the first IGEC-ESPORTS DEEP DIVE, which will be held at UC Irvine on May 1st, and will introduce the english build of Black Desert Mobile.

On May 1st, Pearl Abyss is going to present the official English version of Black Desert Mobile, which is currently only available in Korea, for the first time. Black Desert Mobile, based on the PC MMORPG of the same name, will present features like auto grinding, a new enhancement system where you can set the success rate by spending multiple Black Stones, and other mobile-friendly systems.

Black Desert Mobile first launched on Feb 28th in Korea, and the classes you could pick at the time of launch were the Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Valkyrie, and Witch. Musa was added afterwards, and Sorceress will be added during April. Also, the Mediah region will be added in May.

Black Desert Mobile is planning to officially launch its global version in 2018. The exact date of release has not been fixed yet, but the English version will be available to the public for the first time only at the IGEC-ESPORTS DEEP DIVE.

The IGEC-ESPORTS DEEP DIVE is an event organized by Inven Global, and is a place where Esports experts around the globe will gather and share their stories and insight about the past and the future of Esports. Also, the finals of the League of Legends Collegiate will be held at the IGEC. Other events include a special match between professional gamers along with cosplay shows.

Details and ticket purchases for the IGEC are available on the official website.


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    level 1 Flirin_Logo

    Where i can find to ??? Game and eng pach ???

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    level 1 Flirin_Logo


    May 1st does anibody have a link or something for the new pach ???
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      level 1 Meii


      Hi, here's the answer to your question:

      Black Desert Mobile is currently only serviced in South Korea; the official English version isn't out yet, and we don't have the exact date of its global release. The first demonstration of the English version is going to be held on May 1st at the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE, UC, Irvine. You'll have the chance to play it yourself by visiting there in person.

      If you would like to have the links to Black Desert Mobile in Korean, here they are:

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    level 1 alovesupreme


    This game doesn't deserve to go global as it clearly is not willing to devote ANY energy or time into importance of diversity and perpetuates racism despite the users' efforts to educate them.

    Three weeks i saw a username with the N word, and i sent in a 1:1 customer service message with screenshots as evidence, briefly explaining why users should not be allowed to use that word in their username or chat (they don't allow any swear words to be used in the username ID); this user's guild name is the same (n****man), but in Korean.

    I got a reply saying that they will carefully and promptly review it and take appropriate measures. It's been three weeks and nothing has happened. I understand that if it's an initial mistake to learn from (it's still not permissible), but even after I took the time to educate them about this matter, nothing has happened.

    Please help spread the word about this so that Pearl Abyss devotes the necessary time, energy, and money into learning about the basics and importance of racism and diversity.

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      level 1 Logan_Sullivan


      I'm sorry, but your voice will go unheard. It doesn't really matter though. What other people choose to name themselves is up to them. Just don't interact with them if it bothers you. There's always going to be bad people or things we don't like, get over it. It's no one's job to shield you

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    level 1 rainntears

    if its released in may 1st 2018, should we have some ENG apk by now ? anyone can help ?? Have tried the korean version of this game, and love to try the English version, since we cant understand korean

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    level 1 Tony_Bmth

    Omg !! Why did u guys create the walkire at first and no ninja ?

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    level 1 K559

    Wish the English version would be available soon! I cant wait to play it!!!

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