Making Millions of Silver with a New Gatherable Resource, Lakiahro, and Magical Manos Hoe

Along with the new region Drieghan, a new gathering too, the Magical Manos Hoe, and a special gatherable herb called “Lakiahro” have been added. Lakiahro can be found anywhere in Drieghan, and you need to equip the Magical Manos Hoe to start the mini game for gathering Lakiahro. Some byproducts of the mini game are Black Crystal Shards and the “Traces of x” items.

The goal of the mini game is to clear out all the soil or to find all the roots within a 12*12 tile. You need to click on the tiles carefully so that you do not damage any roots, and the durability of the Manos Hoe will decrease when you click on a rock.

There are five grades for Lakiahro: Young, Thin, Thick, High-Quality, and Primal. The reward will go up as the grade goes up, and a perfect (100%) Primal Lakiahro can be sold for 100 million silver. Each Lakiahro has a different color around it based on its grade, so you will be able to identify its grade from a distance as well.


▲ Play a fun mini game and earn some money! 

In order to start the gathering mini game, you need a Magical Manos Hoe. A Magical Manos Hoe can be crafted with one Shining Steel Hoe, 50 Magical Shards, 15 Metal Solvents, and one Manos Stone via Processing-Manufacture.

Materials other than Magical Shards are easy to get. A Shining Steel Hoe can be crafted in a Tier 3 Tool Workshop with 1 Maple Timber, 2 Steel, 1 Pure Iron Shard, and 5 Black Stone Powder. Metal Solvents can be crafted via Alchemy with 1 Clear Liquid Reagent, 3 Melted Iron Shards, 4 Rough Stones, and 2 Traces of Savagery. Lastly, Manos Stones can be purchased from an NPC vendor.

Magical Shards are the ones that are hard to get. To get the Magical Shards, you have to heat tens of yellow grade Black Magic Crystals. Magical Shards are also the material for the Manos Processing Stone, which is a tool for Processing large quantities of materials at a time, so Black Magic Crystals are currently out of the Marketplace.

Currently, the pre-order price for yellow grade Black Magic Crystals is over 5 million silver and chances are high that the competition will last for a while. If you want to start gathering Lakiahro immediately after the update, you will have to spend a lot of money on the tool.

The base max durability of the Magical Manos Hoe is 50. It can be enhanced with Black Stones (Weapon) and Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon), and the max durability will increase as the enhancement level goes up. Also, an enhanced Magical Manos Hoe will make the gathering mini game easier by granting more chances or right/left clicks and less damage for the root. Max durability can be repaired with the same item or with Memory Fragments. One Memory Fragment will repair 1 durability point, and the max durability will be more than 100 in high enhancement levels.


▲ You will need a Shining Steel Hoe and a T3 workshop.
▲ Magical Shards are hard to get.

If you have the Magical Manos Hoe ready, it’s time to find some Lakiahro. Lakiahros are easily seen, as they have bright green leaves and a large red flower. They are usually not hidden, and can be found even while auto-pathing.

You can identify the grade of the Lakiahro that you’ve found by looking at the color of the glow around the herb. Primal Lakiahros have a blue glow, High-Quality Lakiahros have a red glow, Thick Lakiahros have a yellow glow, Thin Lakiahros have a pale yellow glow, and Young Lakiahros have a pale white glow.


▲ Lakiahros can be found anywhere in Drieghan.

You can start the mini game by equipping the Magical Manos Hoe and interacting with a Lakiahro. On a 12*12 tile, there are 4*4 Lakiahro petals and leaves in the middle. You will have to clear the soil that is on the tiles outside the 4*4 area, without damaging the Lakiahro root.

You can either dig out a lot of soil (LMB) or a small amount of soil (RMB) during the mini game. You can clear out a wide area by left-clicking, but might damage the root if there is a root within the area. Also, if you click on a tile and there is a rock under it, the durability of the hoe will decrease. There is a low chance that the location of roots or rocks will be shown to you while left-clicking, and the probability will increase as Gathering level goes up.


Right-clicking will not damage the roots, but will not remove the rocks/soil on the tile. It will keep the Lakiahro in a good condition, but there are limits on how many right-clicks you can use per mini game.

You will have to go through multiple stages of mini game if you are trying to gather a higher grade Lakiahro. You have to successfully finish a total of 5 stages to gather a Primal Lakiahro. The tile will be refreshed every time 20% of the root is damaged, forcing you to start from the beginning again. A Young Lakiahro has only one stage, and the tile won’t be refreshed.

By successfully completing the mini game, you will get a Lakiahro Bag as a reward, which has ten levels. (Primal/Mature/Rare/Thick/High-Quality/Blunt/Thin/Small/Weak/Young)

A Primal Lakiahro will give Primal-Blunt Lakiahro Bag as a reward, and a Young Lakiahro will give High Quality-Young Lakiahro Bag as a reward.

So a Primal Lakiahro (resource) will be guaranteed to give at least a Blunt Lakiahro Bag, even if all the roots are damaged. On the other hand, a Young Lakiahro (resource) will only give a High-Quality Bag at most even if you did not damage any roots. You will get an associated type of Lakiahro by opening the Lakiahro Bag. A Primal Lakiahro is worth 100 million silver, a Blunt Lakiahro is worth 1.5 million, a Thin Lakiahro is worth 1 million silver, and a Small Lakiahro is worth 700,000 silver.


▲ The goal of the mini game is to clear out the soil without damaging the Lakiahro root.
▲ Clicking on the tiles that have roots under them will damage the Lakiahro, and clicking on the tiles that have rocks under them will damage the Manos Hoe.
▲ Primal Lakiahro mini game has 5 stages, while Young Lakiahro mini game has only one stage.
▲ "Primal Lakiahro Bag" - right click to get Primal Lakiahro and Wild Grass.
You can also get the following items by chance: Sealed Fairy's Wings, Laira's Petal, Lakiahro Energy, Sharp/Hard Crystal Shards, Trace items
▲ A Blunt Lakiahro is worth 1.5 million silver.

If you cannot craft a Magical Manos Hoe but still want to try the mini game, you can get two “trial” hoes by completing a quest given by NPC Doster, the node manager at Duvencrune Farm. You can get two of “Doster’s Hoe” by completing his quests.

Doster’s Hoe is a trial hoe which cannot be repaired and will do more damage to the roots. But the durability of the hoe is 100, so you will only be able to gather about 10 Lakiahros using the trial hoes.

The quest is rather simple. Put one empty bottle in your inventory, and talk to Doster. He will tell you to get a bottle of river water for him (do not fill the bottle in advance),and then he will give you Doster’s Hoe. He will also guide you through the tutorials for the gathering mini game, and give you an additional Doster’s Hoe upon completing all the quests in the chain.

When gathering Lakiahros using Doster’s Hoe, it’s better to go for the Primal Lakiahro instead of lower grade ones. Since Doster’s Hoe damages the Lakiahro root a lot, it is nearly impossible to get a perfect Lakiahro even when you are gathering from a Young Lakiahro. It is better to gather a damaged Primal Lakiahro, and then get the minimum reward.

Also, since it is almost impossible to clear all the soil of a Primal Lakiahro with Doster’s Hoe, damaging the root on purpose and saving some durability would be a better choice.

Primal Lakiahros are usually on mountainous areas, rather than near the main path. But you will get at least 1.5 million silver, so don’t just walk by, play the mini game!


▲ Doster is located in Duvencrune Farm, a node nearby Duvencrune.
▲ Two Doster's Hoes will give you about 10 Lakiahros.

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