Collect Remain of Black Energy to make a Awakening weapon as good as Dandelion

A new item, Remain of Black Energy, was added to Black Desert Online on March 8th. Remain of Black Energy is a material needed to craft and repair the new Awakening weapon, Dragon Slayer, and can be looted from all places in Black Desert Online. The Remains you have obtained from grinding can be taken to the Weapon Workbench in Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan, to be crafted to Refined Remains of Black Energy.


First, once you have 25 Remains of Black Energy, you can take them to Duvencrune 5th, the Duvencrune Weapon Workbench, to craft them into Refined Remains of Black Energy. Then, the Refined Remains of Black Energy can be used for 2 purposes- to make Hesed Crystals, the material needed to make the Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon, or be used to repair the Dragon Slayer’s durability, much like Memory Fragments.


Hesed Crystal can also be crafted at the Duvencrune Weapon Workbench and need 11 Refined Remains of Black Energy. Once you have 25 Hesed Crystals, you can craft the Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon with 20 Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon Blueprints and 1 Hugol’s Awakening Weapon. In the end, you need a total of 6,875 Remains of Black Energy in order to make 1 Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon.

Although you need a large number of Remain of Black Energy to either craft or repair Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon, its drop rate is not that bad. They are dropped in all grinding areas in Black Desert Online, though they have a higher chance of being dropped in Drieghan. Based on a level 60 Dark Knight with 210+ AP and using an Item Collection Increase Scroll, we were able to get 4~5 Remains of Black Energy from 10 minutes of grinding in Tshira Ruins.

For reference, Remains of Black Energy and related materials needed for crafting (Refined Remains of Black Energy, Hesed Crystal, and Dragon Slayer Awakening Weapon) cannot be traded at the marketplace so you would need to collect the materials yourself.

★ Items Crafted with Remains of Black Energy & Required Amount


▲ Remain of Black Energy are one of the materials needed for crafting the Dragon Slayer Awakening weapon.


▲ Refined Remain of Black Energy can be used to repair Dragon Slayer.


▲ Hesed Crystals are used to craft Dragon Slayer.


▲ Duvencrune 5th where the Duvencrune Weapon Workbench is.

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    level 1 Gabriel_Andrade


    Hello, just wondering what the CP cost for Duvencrune 5th is to unlock the workshop? Is it like most places being from 1-5 cp? Or will it be similar to Kama ranging from 9-11 cp? Plz & ty!

    • 0

      level 1 KarnaMasta


      just like in granar you can rent the house directly with 6CP, no need to rent from 1 -5. most of the house there will cost 6-8CP

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