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Pearl Abyss Conference: BDO Mobile coming in Feb; New games will be revealed later this year


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On Feb 13th (KST), Pearl Abyss held a conference covering the company’s achievements in 2017, Black Desert Online Mobile, and new games that are in the pipeline.

Black Desert Online officially launched in SEA in January, and Pearl Abyss is hoping that they can launch the game in China in the near future. Pearl Abyss is also planning to release Black Desert Online on console during the first half of 2018, and will release the game as soon as possible.

The SEA market is about 40% the size of the Taiwanese market, and Pearl Abyss has made a satisfying achievement in SEA. Pearl Abyss has successfully promoted Black Desert Online, especially in Thailand, where Black Desert Online participated in a game show. Pearl Abyss is positive that Black Desert Online has the potential to be successful in other regions as well.


Regarding the decreased sales amount in NA/EU and Asia, Pearl Abyss has stated that the sales amount dropped because it is off-season and players are waiting for a discount event. The sales amount in Japan are consistently high, and the package sales in Taiwan have decreased because the player-base has become more stable and the number of new players has decreased.

Pearl Abyss also stated that they are positive that the sales amount in NA/EU will increase again after the release of a new class and a series of events. The sales amount in Taiwan is also increasing following the 2018 Taipei Game Show, so Pearl Abyss is positive that the overall sales amount in Asia will increase again starting early this year.

▲ Black Desert Online at the Taipei Game Show 2018


Pearl Abyss is planning to officially release Black Desert Online Mobile in Feb 2018. The CBT might have drawn less attention due to the Olympics, but enough people participated in test and the results were satisfactory. Pearl Abyss is currently analyzing the test results, will make some adjustments to the game, and will officially release the game soon.

98.9% of people who participated in the CBT answered that they will return when the game officially launches. Pearl Abyss will add more content to the game, and will release the game in other regions within a year of the official launch in Korea.

Lastly, regarding new games, Pearl Abyss said that they are developing two games. One will be a PC MMO with FPS and AOS features, and another one will be a mobile MMORPG that players of all ages can enjoy. Global versions will be available for both games, and the estimated time of full development will be the second half of this year. Pearl Abyss added that they are trying to recruit more people to develop the new games.


▲ PA will release BDO Mobile in other regions within a year of the official launch in Korea. 


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