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BDO NA/EU Dev Diary talks about the increased AP efficiency for 160-243 AP



According to the Dev Diary, the increased damage efficiency for 160-243 AP, which was updated in the KR server on Jan 25th, won't be coming to NA/EU.

In order to clarify some misunderstandings regarding the increased attack efficiency of 160 tp 243 AP, the devs have released a Dev Diary to elaborate their intentions on why this change is only applied in the KR server.

According to the Dev Diary, KR and NA/EU have a different balance system and KR used to have a lower efficiency for 160-243 AP combared to NA/EU. As of the Jan 25th update, KR how has the same AP efficiency as NA/EU and all regions now have the same balance system applied.

By implementing the same AP efficiency across all regions, Black Desert Online will be able to move one step closer to the game's future goals, Global Arsha Tournaments and Global Siege Wars.

The entire Dev's Diary can be found below.


Greetings Adventurers,

As you already know, we have gathered your concern and feedback about the recent AP change in the last weeks. Today we share with you the letter from the developers we have received in order to clarify some of your doubts on this matter.

Here is the letter:

"Thanks to the unwavering support you've shown the BDO Team over the past year, Black Desert Online was able to grow steadily to what it is now. New and returning Adventurers are on the rise, and tons of new content is being added to the game in North America & Europe region, faster than ever before. We thank you for making this happen.

There have been lots of patches applied at an incredible pace and we want to start off by better communicating with the North American and European Adventurers by addressing some of the concerns you have voiced about recent changes to the game.

- Increased AP Efficiency

● Characters with AP 160 ~ 243 will now have higher attack efficiency (Applied in KR, Jan. 25th)

We know that some Adventurers are interested in the details regarding the recent KR server patch made on January 25th, which increased attack efficiency of AP 160 ~ 243. Especially, some are discussing the fact that this patch was applied only in the KR server. We believe that there can be some misunderstandings about this patch and wish to lay out the facts and better elaborate our intentions.

The KR server had a slightly different balance system applied than other regions. Its attack efficiency of AP 245~300 were higher than other regions, while having a lower efficiency than other regions in AP 160~243 ranges.

In order to match the balance system of all regions, we implemented patches so that other regions (including North America and Europe) will have increased efficiency for AP 245~300 which is equivalent to that of KR server, while increasing efficiency for AP 160~243 ranges of KR server to the current level of North America and Europe server.

Effectively, with the aforementioned patch for the KR server, all regions now have the same balance systems applied.

We aim to develop Black Desert Online as a Single Global Build. By doing so, we believe that it will benefit both our players and us, as developers. It will allow the latest patches to be applied to all regions more quickly than any other game, and enable us to quickly reflect even the tiniest detail of valuable user feedback. Anyone who enjoys Black Desert Online will always have the same optimal experience from any region.

Also, by implementing the same balance change to all regions, we will be able to move one step closer to one of our future goals, a Global Arsha PvP Tournament and Global Siege War.

As much as we want to share more details to our players, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to do since it is still in the early concept phase. It excites us just by imagining a system which will allow players to compete with others from different regions. We will strive to make this a reality in the near future.

We apologize again for not delivering sufficient information in advance, and will do our best to prevent such misunderstandings in the future.

Finally, in order to give a little boost to North America and Europe Adventurers, we would like to send every Adventurer an [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 days). It is a small gift to thank all Adventurers for always caring and enjoying our game. As always, it is our greatest pleasure to see our Adventurers grow stronger and enjoy our game to the fullest every day. We will do our utmost to grow together with the community and make a better world of Black Desert Online for all our beloved fans."

Thank you.


▲ Attack efficiency buffs for characters with 160-243 AP, applied in KR on Jan 25th.


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