The Rakshande Costume Set released for the Mystic! Be born again as a desert dancer!

The new Rakshande Costume Set for the Mystic was released on Black Desert Online KR. Rakshande was originally the Witch’s Costume submitted for the Costume Design Contest held on BDO KR, but now it has been released for the Mystic as well.

The general design for the costume is identical to the Witch’s- a dancer’s dress, and the gauntlet and vambrace are a bright red base ornamented with gold and turquoise. When the player puts on the Cestus, they get additional golden protection over their gauntlet, which looks slimmer than the Kibelius, Camouflage, or Banha.


For reference, the Rakshande Set shows its costume regardless of the underwear the character is wearing. This seems to have been done in order to save the design as is since it is a costume that shows much of the character’s body. This may be a relief for players who worry about whether the costume will go along with their character’s underwear or not.


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▶ The new Rakshande Set for the Mystic


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    level 1 Thunder_Shade

    This template is awesome ,rly love it with the outfit :D

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