New Eckett Costume pieces added to BDO KR for the Sorceress! From leather pants to hot pants

New pieces for the Sorceress Eckett Costume Set for Black Desert Online have been added. The new pieces are Eckett Armor W, Eckett Armor N, and Eckett Shoes W.


As for the new Eckett Armor, the bottom part of the armor has been changed to a pair of hot pants while the original Eckett Armor had a long pair of leather pants. The difference between the W and N items is whether it includes a pair of stockings or not, and the W version is the one with the stockings. As for the Eckett Shoes W, they are a rather simple design, with heels to go along with the new costume.


Although these new Eckett pieces for the Sorceress cannot be bought in a set. The Eckett Classic Costume Set will include the original Armor, Shoes, etc, and the newly added Armor and Shoes can only be purchased individually.


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▶ The new Eckett Set for the Sorceress


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    level 1 TAlphaRed


    I want this template D: some1 can help me getting it? Pls :3

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      level 1 Yullie


      Hi :) If you can give me your email address I can send the template to you!

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      level 1 Caedrion_Kensei


      Droopy face is droopy.. But to each its own as they say ^^

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      level 1 TAlphaRed

      @Yullie ty :)
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      level 1 egemen_karaman


      can i also get the template please ?

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      level 1 Lordivbb

      @Yullie Can you send it to me? 
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