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KR Players’ Reaction on the Absolute Skills for Lahn - Massive damage and Faster Grinding!


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On January 4th, the Absolute skills were added for the Lahn and a few of Lahn’s skills were reworked.

The Lahn has a total of 24 Absolute skills, and the Absolute skills have higher damage and number of hits, and can hit more targets. A “blocking” animation has been added when the Lahn is attacked while moving backward, and the cooldown of her long-distance mobility skill (Shift + Spacebar) has decreased to 35 seconds. However, her other mobility skill “Spring Breeze” was nerfed so the Lahn can only connect the skill to her LMB skill after landing following the update.

The majority of KR players are satisfied with the Lahn’s Absolute skills. The Lahn’s Absolute skills have wide AoE and can deal decent damage. However, the nerf on Spring Breeze took some mobility away from her. Lastly, although not documented in the patch notes, the Lahn’s attack speed has increased and the animation delay has decreased so her moves are a lot smoother now.

(Skill names are temporary translations and are subject to change.)


[Lahn changes on Jan 4th]

The upgraded main-hand skills, the Absolute skills, have been added.
- The Absolute rank for main skills is available after completing the Awakening Weapon Quests at Level 56.
- You need the maximum rank of each main skill to learn the Absolute rank of that skill.
- The Absolute skills have higher damage and higher number of hits than the regular skills do.

An animation where the Lahn “blocks” enemy attacks has been added when the Lahn is attacked while moving backward.

Fixed an issue where the Lahn would “fall” after using Spring Breeze and Dashing Slash in high altitude.
- You can only use Dashing Slash by left-clicking after the Lahn lands on the ground.

The cooldown of Pendulum Waltz I, II, and III (Shift + Space) has changed to 35 seconds.


[KR Players’ comments]

▷ Grinded at Desert Naga and Crescent Shrine with 187 AP. I could easily finish off regular monsters with Absolute: Spring Breeze (W+F) and Absolute: Crescent Strike (auto activated when using LMB attack). PvE is good.
▷ I’ve grinded for 2 hours with the Absolute skills and for the most part, I’m satisfied with it. The Lahn will be stronger with Awakening and Rabam skills.

▷ Absolute: Orchid Blossom (LMB+RMB) is really good. All monsters around me are dead when my Lahn spins around a few times.

▷ I grinded at Forest Ronars with the Absolute skills. I can easily kill monsters, but at the same time I die a lot because there are no HP recovery skills.

▷ If you don’t have enough skill points, get Absolute: Crescent Strike (auto activated when using LMB attack), Absolute: Encirclement (Spacebar after certain skills), and Absolute: Orchid Blossom (LMB+RMB).

▷ Along with the addition of Absolute skills, the Lahn’s attack speed increased and animation delay decreased. The Lahn can deal more damage as well as connect skills more smoothly.

▷ I know the Lahn is a lot stronger with this update, but there are some changes that I don’t like. I used to be able to attack while moving with Spring Breeze (W+F), but now I have to wait until I land to attack. They took away mobility and combo efficiency from Lahn.

▷ I really hate this change with Spring Breeze (W+F). The damage output increased with the Absolute skills, but the overall grinding speed actually decreased because her mobility was taken away.

▷ Spring Breeze (W+F) was nerfed, but the cooldown for Pendulum Waltz (Shift + Space) decreased to 35 seconds. It’s still quite long, but so much better than a 1 minute cooldown.

▷ A 35-second-long cooldown for Pendulum Waltz is fine. I just wish that I could move more distance per skill.

▷ Finally the Lahn has a block animation! It should have been there from the beginning, but better late than never.


▲ Lahn's full combo before the Absolute Skills. (Source: Inven KR 뀨여사)


▲ How much more damage the Lahn can deal with the Absolute Skills. (Source: Inven KR 뀨여사)


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  • 0

    level 1 Nixar


    How many skill points do you need for the cheapest/most expensive absolute skill? Want to get an idea how many skill points you may need if you want 3-5 absolute skills.

    • 0

      level 1 Matthew_Armada


      It's around 20, usually.

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      It depends on your class, but usually the cheapest absolute skill requires 9 or 10 points and the most expensive absolute skill requires 40 to 50 points. Some skills require only 50 points in total, while other skills require more than 200 points in total (including the skill points required for prerequisite skills).

      If you can tell me what class you are playing, I can give you the info on what absolute skills are popular for that specific class in KR and how many skill points are required to get the skills. Please leave an additional comment if you want this information =) Thank you!

    • 0

      level 1 Nixar


      Thank you for the information! I am currently playing Wizard would be really nice if you share some tips here :)

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Wizards don't use Absolute skills that much =( Awakening skills are very good and switching from non-awakening to awakening is not efficient for Wizard. The only viable Absolute skills are Absolute: Meteor Shower (30 points; not including the prerequisite skills), Absolute: Lightning Chain (45 points), Absolute: Blizzard (55 points), and Absolute: Lightning (35 points).

      Absolute: Meteor Shower has a much shorter cooldown than the regular Meteor Shower, and Absolute: Lightning Chain can hit 10 targets at max instead of 6 targets. Absolute: Blizzard and Absolute: Lightning Chain (especially with 100% Black Spirit Rage) can deal massive damage. Absolute: Earthquake (40 points) was occasionally used when the Absolute skills first came out, but it's not used much now as the Down Attack effect doesn't work very well.

      Hope this information helps :) Feel free to leave more comments if you have any other questions! You can also use the Question section of our Forum, which you can find in the top menu :D

    • 0

      level 1 Iryia


      @Yullie was the skill point cap removed in BDO KR? It seems to be very difficult to get enough skillpoints (around 2100+) on EU to activate most skills when this is launched. Cap seems to be around 1700 skillpoints after which we only get 1 per level.

    • 0

      level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


      Hey Yullie, do you have information about Tamer? It looks like many Absolute skills are good and i want to prepared. Thanks!

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      Skill Point cap still exists in KR. There are no solid limit, but the cap is around 1700.

    • 1

      level 1 Yullie


      Tamers must get Absolute: Bolt Wave (30 points; not including the points for prerequisite skills) and Absolute: Jolt Wave. They can deal massive damage and are especially powerful in PvE. Some players don't even get Awakening weapons after level 56 and grind with Absolute skills. Absolute: Bolt Wave and Jolt Wave are strongly recommended!

      Other good Absolute skills are Absolute: Flash(26 points), Absolute: Flash Pole Thrust(18 points), Absolute: Flash Stance Shift(10 points), Absolute: Void Lighting(30 points), and Absolute: Fearful Trembling(55 points). Above skills are also very powerful, although not as strong as Bolt and Jolt Wave. Lastly, Absolute: Roaring is not recommended.

      Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • 0

      level 1 Keldorn_Corbec

      @Yullie Thank you Yullie.
      Is any KR Tamer grind while mounted on Heilang? It think this is one of the most fun stuff you can make in this game. *heilangloveforever*
    • 0

      level 1 neocodex


      @Yullie Thank you so much for posting this info, also can you tell me about DK? She looks like one of the classes that may have enough SP to spare for some nice absolute upgrades since it's not a very SP hungry class. Mine is currently sitting at over 120 SP completely unused and will get even more as I continue to grind with her to 61.

      I never bought awakening RMB ranged attack and Shift+F, and already have maxed WoF, Air Strike, Corrupt Ground, Lunacy and Nocturne. Can I expect some nice absolute upgrades for her? Would Ravage rake, Enforcement, Repeated Anihilation and Obsidian Ashes be any good to spec in? Love the look and feel of these skills but they hit like a wet noodle atm.

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