Know the Bread and Butter Combo: Mystic Pre-Awakening Combo Guide

Like the Striker, the Mystic is a class that has many powerful combos. The skills will smoothly connect by simply pressing a few keyboard and mouse buttons or holding down the mouse.

The Mystic’s primary combo is the Thunder Pound combo. Using Thunder Pound with Shift + RB and holding LB after will activate a powerful combo.

Forward Guard, massive DPS, and short cooldowns all add up to make the Thunder Pound combo especially powerful. Another great combo skill is Elbow Edge, and Soul Basher is a good skill to end a combo with Down Attack.

The Mystic can also pull monsters with Crouching Wolf and deal additional damage after acquiring Flow: Prey Hunt. Roaring Tiger is a great skill for HP management. Twisted Collision does not have particularly high DPS due to its long animation delay, but the following combo skills can inflict some useful debuffs on enemies.



The bread and butter for Pre-Awakening Mystic : the Thunder Pound Combo
     ▷ Mandatory - Thunder Pound, Flow: Death Clout, Combo: Splinter Thud, Combo: Bolster Thump
     ▷Recommended - Shackling Chain (Auto activated when using Thunder Pound) 
     ▷Lock - Combo: Hurricane


Thunder Pound can give an attack speed buff and forward guard, and will stun enemies as well. The last hit can inflict Knock Down, Down Smash, and Down Attack, which makes Thunder Pound a great combo skill. In addition, the skill has a short cooldown and can deal decent damage. It is the most basic and the most effective combo of the Mystic in Pre-Awakening.

The combo is very simple. Use Thunder Pound with Shift + RB, and hold RB to use Flow: Death Clout, Combo: Splinter Thud, and Combo: Bolster Thump consecutively. If you see the animation of Bolster Thump where the Mystic throws her right hand forward and knocks down enemies, press F (Soul Basher), LB+RB (Roaring Tiger), or Shift + LB (Elbow Edge).

If you hold LB during the animation in Blaze, the Mystic will hit one additional time. The additional hit has a long animation delay that causes lower DPS, so do not hold LB and use other skills like Soul Basher instead. Flow: Hurricane has a slow animation and low damage so is not frequently used. The skill shares the same command as Soul Basher, so lock Flow: Hurricane for a smoother combo.

Thunder Pound to Bolster Thump combo basics 


More damage dealt with DP debuff: the Elbow Edge combo
Mandatory - Elbow Edge, Flow: Rib Crusher 
     ▷Lock - Flow: Twisted Collision


Although Elbow Edge is weaker than Thunder Pound in terms of damage, Elbow Edge can decrease your enemies’ DP. The skill is used often when Thunder Pound is on cooldown. The key command is much easier than Adamantine, which is not used very much these days due to its slow animation, and the casting animation is much faster as well.

The combo is very similar to the Thunder Pound combo. Use Elbow Edge with Shift + LB, and then hold LB for Flow: Rib Crusher. When you see the last animation for Rib Kick, connect to Thunder Pound or Soul Basher.

Elbow Edge to Flow: Rib Crusher combo basics 


Pull and Sweep: the Mass Destruction-Crouching Wolf combo
     ▷Mandatory - Flow: Mass Destruction, Crouching Wolf, Flow: Prey Hunt



Although the Mystic has many different skills like Adamantine, Hidden Claw, Somersault, and Sweeping Kick, skills other than Thunder Pound and Elbow Edge are not used much. Thunder Pound, which is the most powerful skill that the Mystic has, has a short cooldown, so other skills are not needed much. Skills other than the primary DPS combos are mostly for finishing blows, making a combo more smooth, or for special skill effects.


Mass Destruction and Crouching Wolf are often used to initiate a fight. The combo can pull monsters close so that the skills that follow can fully hit the monsters. Also, the combo can stack Martial Spirit Shards up while also recovering WP. Using Crouching Wolf while having Flow: Prey Hunt will increase Thunder Pound’s AoE and max number of hits. As Thunder Pound is the Mystic’s primary DPS skill, this makes Flow: Prey Hunt the best auxiliary skill for the Mystic.

The steps to use this combo are: first aggro some monsters, use Mass Destruction with A+RB or D+RB, and then press Spacebar to use Crouching Wolf and pull monsters. If the monsters around you are small and have fast movement speed, simply using Crouching Wolf can effectively pull them.

Mass Destruction to Crouching Wolf combo 


For stronger opponents or in PvP: the Twisted Collision combo
     ▷Mandatory: Twisted Collision, Flow: Sky Rammer, Flow: Landslide, Flow: Fatal Smash, Flow: Strikethrough



The Twisted Collision combo is not a main DPS combo like the Thunder Pound or Elbow Edge combo. However, the combo can inflict Air Attack damage as well as different types of debuffs. Air Attack is especially useful in PvP, as it can deal a large amount of damage when the skill hits.

Twisted Collision can be connected to many different skills like Flow: Sky Rammer, Flow: Landslide, Flow: Fatal Smash, and Flow: Strikethrough. If you want the highest DPS, use Flow: Sky Rammer immediately after Twisted Collision. The command is very simple (F after Q), and the animation is quick.

You can also use Flow: Landslide to decrease an enemy’s Evasion. The command is Q - hold LB, and the 2nd hit will deal additional damage with Down Attack. If you press F after the 1st hit of Flow: Landslide (Q - LB), you can use Flow: Sky Rammer. This combo can deal a decent amount of damage along with the Evasion debuff, but has big and slow animations.

Fatal Smash can be activated by pressing RB after Q, and can decrease your enemy’s DP. After the 1st hit, you can either hold RB to use Flow: Strikethrough or press F to use Flow: Sky Rammer. Falling Flower would be a better choice in most cases, but the skill’s cooldown is long. Use Strikethrough in this case.

Twisted Collision to Flow: Sky Rammer combo basics 

Twisted Collision to Flow: Landslide combo basics 

Twisted Collision - Landslide cancel - Flow: Sky Rammer combo 

Twisted Collision - Fatal Smash - Strikethrough combo 

Twisted Collision - Fatal Smash cancel - Flow: Sky Rammer 


To end a combo: Soul Basher and Roaring Tiger

The Mystic also has skills that can recover HP or finish off enemies that the Thunder Pound/Elbow Edge combo could not kill.

The most frequently used skill is Soul Basher, which can be used with F and can inflict Down Attack damage. Soul Basher can be smoothly used as a combo with almost any skills, so it is a perfect skill to end a combo. Most people also learn Flow: Heavens.

Roaring Tiger is generally used to end a combo, as the skill can recover HP. The skill does not have to hit targets in order to recover HP, so use the skill anytime/anywhere you want in order to save some potions. The skill can be activated by LB+RB, and can deal even more damage with 100% Black Spirit’s Rage.

Thunder Pound to Soul Basher Combo Example 

Mystic's main combo (finishing off with Roaring Tiger)

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