Tooth Fairy Forest, a new grinding spot for level 59+ in Kamasylvia Part 2!

Tooth Fairy Forest is a new grinding spot for level 59~60 players in Kamasylvia Part 2, Black Desert Online KR, where the Kentauros-like Ronaros spawn in packs. It is located in far west part of new Kamasylvia, and players can prepare for their grinding and get potions and buffs from the NPC shop at the Tooth Fairy Attic on the east of the forest.

The monsters that spawn in the Tooth Fairy Forest are mainly Forest Ronaros, including Forest Ronaros Catcher, Scout, Marksman, and Guardian. All monsters here spawn in packs of 3~4, and they have high speed as well as the tendency for close range combat, meaning players will find themselves often surrounded by several monsters at once. Also, the density of the monsters in this grinding spot is very high and there is not much difference to the type of monsters in different areas, so players can enjoy grinding at a similar pace regardless of their location.

Players are recommended to be at least level 59 and gear up with TRI and TET equipment before they give this place a try. All Forest Ronaros monsters are immune to paralysis, stun, and down attacks, making it hard for players to block enemy attacks and grind safely. Not only that, players will find themselves suddenly lying on the cold ground if they go grinding with gear that is not good enough since these monsters inflict strong damage with each attack. Fortunately, these monsters only use knockback attacks rather than knockdown attacks, meaning players do not require separate crystals for knockdown resistance like they did for the Crescent grinding spot.


▲ Tooth Fairy Forest where the Forest Ronaros spawn.
▲ Players can prepare for grinding at the NPC shop in the Tooth Fairy Attic to the east, although they can not repair their gear.
▲ Forest Ronaros inflicts powerful damage with each of their attacks. 3~4 of them spawn in a pack, and the packs are spawned close to one another.


Tooth Fairy Forest is evaluated to be a better alternative to grinding on Navarn Steppe Wolf when it comes to experience points but not in gold making. The monsters here hurt a lot, but their loot item, Hoof of Forest Ronaros, only gives 3,600 silver when sold to NPC shops. Not only that, Scroll Written in Ancient Language cannot be looted like it can at the Kentauros grinding spot in Balenos.

Other than items to be sold at the NPC shops, a special accessory called Ring of Forest Ronaros, and the Lemoria Armor set, which were newly added to Kamasylvia Part 2, can be looted.

First, Ring of Forest Ronaros is an accessory with higher effects than Mark of Shadow as it has 5~5 AP as its basic stat, 7~7 AP with 1 DP when enhanced to PRI, and 9~9 AP and 2 DP when enhanced to DUO. It is like Mark of Shadow with an additional DP stat. However, this item failed to gain preference as it lacks in numbers compared to Mark of Shadow, thus making it very costly, and most players prefer to use Crescent Ring for their AP gear builds.

As for the Lemoria Armor, it is a blue item that has a set effect when geared with a Liverto weapon. However, not many players prefer to use this over Grunil or Rocaba since Liverto weapons are hard to enhance or fix as they are blue items, and moreover, they only have one socket for the crystal.

However, the fact that Forest Fury is dropped here is very useful since it is the main ingredient for making the JIN, BON, WON Magic Crystals, so players in the process of making top quality crystals should definitely look out for Forest Fury while grinding here in Tooth Fairy Forest.


▲ Hoof of Forest Ronaros sells for only 3,600 silver and does not earn much gold… 
▲ Ring of Forest Ronaros basically is Mark of Shadow with DP but is rather unpopular. 
▲ Lemoria Armor is being treated as trash due to having only 1 socket.
▲ Forest Fury is the only hope for gold making at Tooth Fairy Forest.


So overall, Tooth Fairy Forest is not a bad choice for those who want to focus on their XP, although it is not recommended for those who are desperately in need of gold. Some players say that this is not good enough considering the required player level, with Crescent Shrine, Roud Sulfur Mine, Bashim Base, and Pirate Island considered to be better grinding sports, and Gyfin Rhasia Temple from Kamasylvia Part 2 became the best grinding spot with the best efficiency for players over level 60.

Notably, what made grinding in Tooth Fairy Forest better than grinding in Navarn was an item called Stone of Marni, which gives additional experience points to players in BDO KR. Since this item does not exist in the EU or NA server yet, grinding in Tooth Fairy Forest is expected to be similar to grinding in Navarn.

This is why Tooth Fairy Forest is considered a place to grind and kill time while waiting for a spot in a party for the Gyfin Rhasia Temple rather than a place players must go. Of course, it is not a considerably bad place to grind for experience points, but players should be aware that grinding here is not easy at all.



Screenshots of Tooth Fairy Forest


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