Guide on the new world bosses Muraka and Quint - Things to get, Locations, Patterns, and Rewards

New field raid bosses Muraka and Quint have been added in Black Desert Online NA/EU. These boss monsters are humongous and can sweep enemies away, but are slow enough for you to recognize their patterns and dodge their attacks. Muraka and Quint become more powerful as their HP goes down, so always be wary of their attacks.

To kill Muraka and Quint, you will need a special strategy that involves a cannon. You have to make them kneel by attacking their legs before you can actually deal damage. You can also deal massive damage with a cannon especially designed for this raid.

Unlike other world bosses, Muraka and Quint only appear on Saturdays in 20 random servers. Keep an eye on the notifications to get the information on the raid.


▲ Quint the first Ancient Troll and Muraka the Ogre King


◆ Things to get before the raid

Muraka and Quint are not easy to kill, and the raid will take longer than other boss raids like Kzarka and Karanda. You will have a higher chance of getting attacked as the raid time gets longer, and they can inflict a huge amount of damage. You should bring plenty of HP potions for the raid.

Muraka and Quint have a long animation before they actually inflict damage, so it’s not hard to dodge by looking at their animation. Increasing Movement Speed will help you dodge their attacks more smoothly. If you want to go for both Muraka and Quint, get the food buffs that have a long duration.

Vype Stoner’s Cannon Assembly Kit is a special cannon that can deal a lot of damage to Muraka and Quint. It uses a cannon ball that is exclusive to the cannon. The cannon can be purchased from Vype Stoner at Northern Heidel Quarry, and can be installed where the bosses are summoned.


▲ Vype Stoner's location


▲ Vype Stoner Cannon Assembly Kit and Monster Basher


◆ Muraka and Quint are located at the west of Calpheon


Muraka can be summoned at the west of Mansha Forest. There’s no geographical features that you can use as a signpost, but you can look for a wide open space without any trees.


Quint is summoned at Quint Hill, which is located at the southeast of Epheria Port. Quint is in the form of a stone statue and is inactive before he is summoned, so look for a giant statue of a troll.


▲ Locations of Muraka and Quint 


▲ Muraka is summoned at the wide open space at the west of Mansha Forest.


▲ The statue of Quint


◆ Muraka: Focus on knocking him down first

There are certain steps to killing Muraka. The first thing you have to do is attack his legs to make him kneel. Muraka takes very little damage when he is standing up. When you keep on attacking his legs, he will fall down and you can start inflicting damage on Muraka.

You should attack from the back to be safe, as Muraka attacks towards the direction he is facing. However, attacking from his back is not 100% safe, so always be ready to dodge with mobility/iframe skills or guard.

Attack his legs until Muraka kneels down. When he falls down, that is your chance to attack Muraka without getting hit. Muraka will attack only with his arms after falling down, and will attack only towards the direction he is facing. You can safely deal damage from his back once he falls down to the ground.

One pattern you should watch out for is the jump attack. Muraka usually jumps forward, but sometimes he will jump straight up from his original spot or jump backwards. Also, Muraka’s physical size is huge and won’t fit on your screen, making it harder for you to recognize his patterns.


◆ Muraka’s Patterns

[1] Ground Sweep

Muraka sweeps the ground with one arm. The AoE is about 180 degrees wide, and Muraka doesn’t always use this attack towards the direction he is looking. Sometimes he uses this attack while turning around, in which case the players who are attacking from his back will take damage.

[2] Jump Attack

Muraka jumps and drops down on a player. He jumps very high, and it might look like he has disappeared from the screen. Sometimes Muraka jumps straight up from where he is standing. Guard or dodge with evasion skills in this case.

[3] Ground Smash

Muraka smacks the ground with one hand. It is a powerful attack, but has a long and obvious animation and a relatively small AoE. Get away from him when you see Muraka raising his hand.

[4] Stomp

Muraka raises his feet and stomps the ground. This pattern is easy to dodge as the animation is slow.

[5] Ground sweeping while sitting down

Muraka swings his right arm. This pattern has a large AoE, and you are most likely to be attacked if you are standing in front of him.

[6] Consecutive Ground Smash while sitting down

Muraka smashes the ground twice. You will take massive damage if you get hit by the first and second smash. Attack from his back to avoid getting hit by this pattern.


◆ Quint: Watch out for Foot Stomping and Use Cannonballs

Attacking Quint is not too different from attacking Muraka. Quint will take very little damage when he is standing up, so you will have to make him kneel down first. Attack from his back to stay safe, and be wary of the pattern where Quint swings a tree.

Just like Muraka, Quint will start taking damage after he falls down to the ground. Quint attacks while sitting down on the ground, and has a larger AoE than Muraka. His right arm, which is holding a tree, can be fatal so you should attack from his left-rear side. You can step on Quint’s legs to get some height and attack his nose to deal more damage.

Quint has a few patterns that Muraka does not have. Quint will roll his body on the ground, which will inflict massive damage to nearby players. The animation before he rolls his body is the same as the animation before he is knocked down. Do not let your guard down when you approach him after seeing him down, as it might be the rolling attack, not a knockdown.

Another pattern that you should watch out for is the stomp. Quint will start moving his foot and stomping the area around him. This is a powerful attack, so escape as soon as you see Quint starting to move his foot.

Although stomping can kill you when you get hit by it, it might be a blessing in disguise. If you use Vype Stoner’s Cannon at the right moment, this will be your chance to deal massive damage to Quint. Shoot Quint with Monster Bashers while he is casting the stomp, and the pattern will be canceled and Quint will fall to the ground right away.


◆ Quint’s Patterns

[1] Swinging

Quint swings the tree he uses as a weapon. The AoE of this pattern is very large, as Quint will turn around in a full circle. However, this pattern is easy to predict as Quint will show an obvious animation of turning his upper body. Dodge to your backside or guard, rather than dodging to left or right.

[2] Smashing and Swinging

Quint smashes the ground once, and then swings his tree. Quint will smash the ground as soon as he lifts up the tree, making it hard for you to dodge the attack. Quint will swing the tree at the direction he is looking at after a moment. This pattern has a relatively small AoE but a long range, so it is better to dodge left or right.

[3] Roaring and Swinging twice

When you see Quint stepping backwards, prepare to guard or dodge by stepping back, regardless of your position. Quint will swing his tree twice after roaring. The first attack has a wide AoE, but the second attack has a relatively small one and is easier to dodge.

[4] Stomping

Stomping can deal massive damage to the players. Quint will stomp multiple times, so it’s hard to guard against this attack. Get away from Quint quickly, and wait in a safe distance until the pattern is over. Or, you can hit Quint with Vype Stoner’s Cannon to knock him down.

[5] Rolling

Quint will lie down on the ground, and roll his body to deal damage. The animation is the same as when he is knocked down, so approaching without thinking might cause you to take massive damage.


◆ Advanced Tips

Muraka and Quint appear on Saturdays 12:00 PM (UTC and PDT), in 20 random servers. The exact time and server of their arrival is unknown, but a server notification message will appear before they are summoned. Keep an eye on the server messages, and communicate with others for the information on the time they are summoned and how much HP they have left. If you killed Muraka and Quint in your current channel, move to the channel where Muraka/Quint is still alive for more loot. If you are lucky, you can even get loot 3 times.

In the KR server, players usually kill Muraka first and then go for Quint, because the rewards for Muraka are better. You can get Dim Ogre Ring from Muraka, which can give you Ogre Ring by chance.

Vype Stoner’s Cannon Assembly Kit is an item that can deal massive damage to Muraka and Quint. When you are using Vype Stoner’s Cannon, aim at Muraka/Quint’s feet or the ground they are stepping on. If you aim at their body, the cannonball might go through them without inflicting any damage.

▲ Use Vype Stoner's Cannon to deal massive damage.


◆ Rewards: the best you can get is DUO: Ogre Ring

You will get some hefty amount of Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon). You will also get Hunter’s Seals, which you can exchange with Black Stones.

Another reward from Muraka and Quint is Mutant Enhancer, which you can exchange with Accessories. You can exchange 20 Mutant Enhancers with Witch’s Earring or Mark of Shadow, and exchange 100 Mutant Enhancers with Ogre Ring.

Lastly, you can get Dim Ogre Ring from Muraka. Dim Ogre Ring is like an RNG box where you can get one of the following items: Shattered Necklace, Ogre Ring, PRI: Ogre Ring, and DUO: Ogre Ring. Shattered Necklace is a non-equipable trash item, but can be exchanged with Ogre Ring if you have 100.


▲ Mutant Enhancer and Dim Ogre Ring

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