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Grinding videos for Kamasylvia’s best grind spot, good for both soloing and partying


Kamasylvia Part 1 will be added to Black Desert Online NA/EU on Sept 27th and will include three major grind spots: Manshaum Forest, Navarn Steppe, and Mirumok Ruins. Among the three spots, Navarn Steppe is the most popular one.

Navarn Steppe is a vast green prairie and is especially suitable for party grinding. The population of monsters is high, and they are not easy to kill. Feather Wolves, Griffons, Bears, and other animal-type monsters are scattered all around the area.

Feather Wolves are the most frequently killed monsters in Navarn Steppe. They are relatively easy to kill, and are good for both soloing and partying. Recommended AP for joining a Feather Wolf Party is 220 (no barriers in class!), and you can also solo if you have about 220 AP.

Below are some videos on how to reach the Feather Wolves’ location and different characters grinding Feather Wolves, to give you a general idea on how the new grind spot works before it goes live in NA/EU. Please note that it has been a while since Kamasylvia Part 1 was updated in KR and the videos might not reflect the current meta.


How to reach the Feather Wolves' location 

Level 61 Berserker soloing 

Level 59 Berserker soloing using Ground Lifting 

Tamer soloing 

Maehwa soloing 

Wizard soloing

Striker soloing

Mystic soloing

Tamer partying 

Ninja partying 


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