Black Desert Online

For Griffon's Helmet! Videos on Solo Grinding Griffons in Kamasylvia


Feather Wolves one of the most frequently killed monsters in Black Desert Online, but definitely not the only ones. Another popular monster that lives in Navarn Steppe, Kamasylvia is the Griffon. In Navarn Steppe, regular Griffons and King Griffons live together in a group, and you have a chance to get a boss item called Griffon's Helmet by killing them.

Grinding Griffons is not the same as grinding Feather Wolves. Players party up to kill Feather Wolves for EXP mainly, but the primary goal of a Griffon party is to get the Griffon's Helmet, making the party more like a Task Force Team. There aren’t that many Griffons in Navarn Steppe whereas Feather Wolves are almost everywhere, and Griffons will not die from one combo. If you want to solo grind Griffons, your AP+DP value has to be over 500 and you should at least be level 60.

If you want to hunt down some Griffons when Kamasylvia comes out, prepare yourselves in advance with the videos below. Please note that “Ahib’s Griffon” is a separate boss monster that can be summoned through the Black Spirit’s quest, like Giath or Bheg. Ahib’s Griffon also has different attack patterns.


▲ Tamer soloing Griffons and King Griffon (Level 60, 219 AP/300 DP, Kutum)


▲ Ninja soloing Griffons (Level 60, 206 AP )


▲ DR gear setting Ninja soloing Griffons and King Griffon (Level 61, 206 AP/334 DP)


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