How to play Savage Rift and What you should be doing

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Savage Rift has been updated in Black Desert Online NA after today's maintenance. Below is a simple guide on what roles are required to play Savage Rift, what each party members should be doing in the game, and how to place Barricades.



Roles: What you should be doing

1. Sniper [Difficulty: low]

Priority of defense: Fire Arrow Launcher, Seal Tower, Flame Tower > Barricades > Boss monsters weaker than Org > Harpies

The primary role for a Sniper is to kill Harpies and boss monsters. If you don’t kill off Harpies as soon as you see them, more of them will come and devastate the Seal Tower and all installed defensive objects. If Snipers die too often, your team won’t be able to clear the game.

Snipers should not cross the line marked with a brown arrow in the image above. Going beyond that line and shooting the monsters will pull the monsters towards you, and you will either kill yourself or kill your teammates. You will probably switch to your Awakening weapon and start attacking the monsters, which is not a great choice. If you see your snipers doing this often, please warn them.

Snipers must not die. Please have enough potions and buy extra.

▲ Snipers must start shooting at Harpies as soon as they come.

2. Flame Tower [Difficulty: medium] - can be replaced with Snipers

Priority of defense: Barricades > Boss monsters weaker than Org > Harpies

The players who are in charge of Flame Towers must protect Barricades, and switch to Enhanced Matchlocks when Barricades are secured and shoot Harpies and boss monsters. They must prioritize boss monsters over Harpies.

If you are in charge of Flame Towers, you must be quick in assessing the situation. The Barricade Builders will usually fill the oil for Flame Towers, but sometimes you will have to do it yourself. Fill them up when there are no or only a few monsters around, and don’t wait for the Barricade Builders do it for you. In rounds 9, 14, 19, 24 (Harpies), 16 (Bheg), and 21 (Titium), you have to switch to Matchlocks and join your Snipers to kill the boss monsters. The next wave will be extremely hard if you cannot kill a boss monster on time. If the next wave starts before a boss monster is killed, get back to your original spot and defend the Seal Tower.

3. Fire Arrow Launcher [Difficulty: high]

Priority of defense: Seal Tower > Harpies > Barricades > Other monsters

Fire Arrow Launchers should be placed in the back and support the team by dealing massive damage to the monsters. It will be hard for you to see what’s going on in the front line if you are in charge of Fire Arrow Launchers, so you will need someone to give you orders. Switch to Matchlocks and shoot Harpies with your teammates in rounds 9, 14, 19, and 24. The Seal Tower will take huge damage from Harpies if you are late, so all players should focus. Tell everyone to join the Snipers and shoot Harpies.

A Fire Arrow Launcher must be built by the one who will be using it. (There is a bug that prevents you from using the Fire Arrow Launcher that other players built.) It will cost 450 points to build a Fire Arrow Launcher so ask your Barricade Builder to give you some points. You must know where you should be shooting in order to deal maximum damage. The shot caller must announce the direction that the Fire Arrow Launchers should be shooting at. Fire Arrow Launchers work best after round 20, and after round 20 you must not shoot the Launchers to where the other players are tanking. The defense line will break when you shoot where the other players are safely keeping the monsters away from the Seal Tower.

As soon as a new wave starts, focus on defense and stay with the Barricades. You can start attacking the regular monsters if about 30 seconds are left for that specific round. When the next wave starts, turn the Fire Arrow Launchers around and focus on the Barricades again. Org will come out in round 25, third wave. Do not shoot at where the other players are tanking regular monsters, until the whole defense line is secured. If you start shooting at them, the monsters will be knocked down and start attacking random players/places. The defense line will fall apart, so be careful not to do this. If you see someone doing this, warn them not to. If the monsters are knocked back by the Fire Arrow Launchers, they will run to the Snipers as soon as they get up.

4. Barricade Builders [Difficulty: high]

Priority of defense: None. Focus on the Barricades, and shoot when you have extra time. (It is very unlikely that you will have time to shoot.)

Barricade Builders have more than one job to do. First, they should distribute the points among their teammates so they can purchase Enhanced Matchlocks. If everyone has an Enhanced Matchlock, then the Builders should start installing Barricades. The Barricades must be in three layers. After all Barricades have been properly placed, start installing Flame Towers and fill them up with oil. Always check how much oil is left in each Flame Tower and fill the oil again if one of them is empty. Give 450 points to the ones who are in charge of Fire Arrow Launchers so they can build some Launchers in the back. The front line Barricades must be Steel Barricades, but the other two Barricades do not have to be.

This is probably the hardest role in Savage Rift. Fire Arrow Launchers can be built when the Naga monsters start to come out, but there has to be at least two Launchers after round 21. You will have enough points to purchase everything, but Flame Towers must have priority over the other installable objects.

▲ Flame Towers should have priority over the other objects as they are especially effective in protecting the Seal Tower and Barricades.

5. Shot caller [Difficulty: high]

The one who controls the overall flow of the game. The one who knows how to play each role should take this place.

The most crucial role of the Shot caller is to assess the situation to determine where to focus, which area is safe or not safe, and who is making mistakes. Distribute your team’s damage well to protect the Tower.

Kill boss monsters as fast as possible. They must be focused and killed before they start destroying installed buildings.

Tell your teammates where the monsters are grouped together. Position yourself at a location where you can get the widest field of view.

▲ Boss monsters must be focused and killed as fast as possible.


Other Small Tips

 - If you are in a party/unit, everyone will automatically enter Savage Rift when the party/unit leader enters Savage Rift.

 - It is probably too late to talk about roles when you are already in the Rift. Decide who is going to play each role before entering the game.

 - Put Matchlocks and Bullets in quick slot.

 - DP gear is strongly recommended. The Fogans and Orcs can one-shot you with a single back attack.

 - Bheg, Titium, and Org can reach further than it may seem they can. Keep enough distance from them. Also, you cannot dodge and shoot at the same time. If you see the monsters approaching you, stop trying to shoot them and dodge.

 - You will get about 0.2% exp per game. (Level 60)

 - You can get Mutant Enhancer as a reward. If you get the Enhancer, your profit will probably be between 12,000,000 to 15,000,000 silver. (7,000,000 silver coins + Black Stones + Hunter’s Seals + Mutant Enhancer) If you didn’t get the Enhancer, your profit will be slightly above 10,000,000 silver.


How to Place Barricades

Distributing Enhanced Matchlocks are usually done in Round 9. Start building Barricades as soon as you are done with the distributing Enhanced Matchlocks. You also need 4 Flame Towers and a maximum of 4 Fire Arrow Launchers.

1. Building Barricades

Start from the right corner and continue building Barricades in a linear shape. As shown in the screenshot below, the first layer of Barricades must reach all the way to the pond on the left side.

2. Expanding Barricades

Start building the second layer of Barricades when you are done with the first layer. The location of Barricades in the second layer should match the location of Barricades in the first layer, as a perfect alignment is satisfying to see. Also, you can walk along the aisle between Barricades.

You will have enough points left even after you have built all the Barricades. Start building Flame Towers starting from the pond at the left side.

You have to rotate the Barricades marked with an O in the screenshot below with the ( [ ) and ( ] ) keys. Also, you cannot place a Barricade on the spot marked with an X. Flame Towers cannot reach the area marked with an X, so 1 to 2 snipers should be watching out for any monsters in that location.


3. Flame Tower and Fire Arrow Launcher

You will have some extra points to spend on Flame Towers and Fire Arrow Launchers. (Usually around Rounds 11 to 15.) Place at least 4 Flame Towers before Round 16. If you are going to have three layers of Barricades, leave some space for the third layer of Barricades when placing Flame Towers.

Give 450 points to the ones who are in charge of Fire Arrow Launchers. After Round 16 (Bheg), make sure you have 4 Flame Towers, 1 or 2 Fire Arrow Launchers, and 3 layers of Barricades, and upgrade old Barricades to Steel Barricades. Old Barricades are most likely to be destroyed by Bheg in Round 16 so if you upgrade them to Steel Barricades before Round 16, they will not last in Round 21 (Titium). If you have all three layers of Barricades and all necessary Flame Towers, focus on repairing the Barricades that are being destroyed.

4. Others

You will have more than enough points after Round 21 (Titium) so feel free to have an extra Flame Tower. Make sure the Flame Towers have enough oil. The ones who are in charge of the Flame Towers must check how much oil is left and fill them again if they are empty or low.

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      Sorry for the typo, fixed it! Thank you for letting us know :)

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    This guide is so confusing.... First sentence i read was:
    1. Sniper [Difficulty: low]
    Priority of defense: Fire Arrow Launcher, Seal Tower, Flame Tower > Barricades > Boss monsters weaker than Org > Harpies.

    And bam, I stop reading the whole guide. I came to get questions answered. And left frustrated with more Questions.

    Start easy with what should I take with me before I enter Rift?
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    Boss monsters weaker than Org > Harpies. What are you talking about?

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