Kamasylvia Part 2 New Elixirs & Food for Better Knowledge, Survival, and Back Attack

* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.

New elixirs and food have been added to the game with the Kamasylvia Part 2 update. There are 3 kinds for each added to the game, and you need to gather new ingredients around Kamasylvia in order to make them.

The names of the new elixirs are as follows: Winnie Spirit Elixir, Runnie Spirit Elixir, and Spirit’s Tears Elixir. The Winnie Spirit Elixir increases the chance of acquiring knowledge by 7%, and 10% for the Surging Elixir. The Runnie Spirit Elixir increases the chance of acquiring better knowledge upon acquiring knowledge by 3%, and 5% for the Surging Elixir. The Spirit’s Tears Elixir increases maximum HP by 300, adds 5 levels to critical hit chance, and recovers 3 MP/WP/SP on each hit.

The names of the new food are as follows: Rainbow Mushroom Sandwich, Rainbow Mushroom Grilled Cheese, and Kamasylvia Meal. The Rainbow Mushroom Sandwich increases maximum HP and Stamina by 150 each, and Grilled Cheese increases a small amount of back attack damage. Kamasylvia Meal is made with one Rainbow Mushroom, Coconut Pasta, Fig Pie, and Fruit Wine. It increases maximum HP by 150, Stamina by 200, and provides a small amount of back attack damage.

▲ New food and elixirs were added to the game with the Kamasylvia Part 2 update


These new elixirs and food can be created with new ingredients only gathered around Kamasylvia and with rare ingredients that you gather from the usual gathering, alchemy, and cooking. Though these ingredients were introduced concurrently with the update, the golden ratio of the creation process was not. Therefore, we have done an experiment to figure it out using a character with artisan cooking at level 6, and professional alchemy at level 9.

In summary,
the golden ratio of most elixirs and food is the recipes already mentioned in the official announcement. The Winnie Spirit Elixir consists of 4 Mossy Tree Saps, 2 Blue Mushrooms, 3 Powder of TIme, 5 Monk’s Branches, and 1 Sky Blue Flower. The Runnie Spirit Elixir needs 4 Mossy Tree Sap, 2 Volcano Mushrooms, 3 Powder of Flame, 3 Red Tree Lumps, and 1 Violet Flower for the golden ratio.

The Rainbow Mushroom Sandwich needs 1 Rainbow Mushroom, 1 Soft Bread, 2 Cream, 2 Onions, and 4 Olive Oil. The Rainbow Mushroom Grilled Cheese needs 1 Rainbow Mushroom, 2 Pork, 2 Cheese, 3 Salt, and 4 Olive Oil. The Pork is interchangeable with other types of meat such as Beef, Mutton, or Wolf Meat. Kamasylvia Meal needs a Rainbow Mushroom Sandwich and Grilled Cheese, 1 Coconut Pasta, 1 Fig Pie, and 2 Fruit Wine.

All the creation processes were failed and could not exceed 5 times when even one ingredient was taken out of the list, and the golden ratio above was confirmed to be successful when creating the items over 10 times.

In addition, Spirit’s Tears Elixir needs 1 Dead Tree Essence, 1 Fruit of Nature, 10 Loopy Tree Sap, 1 Violet Flower, 10 Powder of Darkness. However, the Dead Tree Sap is a rare ingredient that can only be gathered by logging the Dried Mossy Tree around Calpheon, and we could not obtain the item because of the rarity and thus the exact recipe was not identifiable. Moreover, Spirit’s Tears Elixir is expected to be a somewhat expensive consumable as it shares the same cooldown as Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Elixir of Deep Sea, and Khalk’s Elixir, and thus it may need some time to find out the golden ratio.

As for the new ingredients around Kamasylvia, the Mossy Tree Sap can be either gathered with a Fluid Collector from all types of Mossy Trees around Kamasylvia, or produced at the Shady Tree Forest logging node. The Blue Mushroom and Volcano Mushroom can be gathered at Polly’s Forest, or produced at the Polly’s Forest and Winnie’s Cabin gathering nodes. The Sky Blue Flower and Violet Flower can be found around all parts of Kamasylvia such as the Western Valtarra Mountains. Dead Tree Essence is gathered with a low chance by logging a Dried Mossy Tree, which is also quite difficult to find, and the Rainbow Mushroom can only be acquired by gathering at Polly’s Forest.

The golden ratios and ways of acquiring ingredients for new cooking and alchemy items

▲ The mushrooms at Polly’s Forest, Rainbow Mushrooms are only obtainable through gathering
▲ 4 types of flowers around Kamasylvia, Sky Blue and Violet Flowers somewhat look similar
▲ Dried Mossy Tree is a rare resource, and does not look different from a typical Mossy Tree
▲ Dried Mossy Tree usually gives Old Tree Branch, and Dead Tree Essence is given randomly

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