Where are the hot places? The panoptic guide of monster locations in the Loopy Tree Forest

The new grinding spot in Black Desert Online, called the Loopy Tree Forest, has been added along with the Kamasylvia Part 2 Update. The monsters in this area, called Fadus, do not have high AP or DP, making it easier to grind for players at level 56 with 150+ AP. You also do not need to worry too much about DP, though the concentration of monsters in this area is quite high, thus it might become difficult if you underestimate the difficulty of this area.

The pros and cons of this area are quite distinct when you compare it to the Sausan Garrison, the grinding area with a similar difficulty. The area is quiet and pleasant for players to grind easily since the accessibility is not very good compared to other grinding spots. Also, the probability of obtaining Black Stones is relatively high in this area, so it is possible to make some unexpected profits.

The other general item called Fragment of Fadus Armor is often dropped, and the weight is only 0.10LT. Additionally, the varieties of item are not too numerous, allowing for easier inventory management. This is the only item that drops in massive quantity, therefore you can grind for a long time if you know how to store items in horse bags without limitation of the weight. The Forest Fury drops at an extremely low chance, but you just might get lucky if you grind in the area enough.

However, a con is that, as mentioned before, the area is not very accessible, unless you are accommodated in Grana. Also, the silver profit is not as high as that of Sausan Garrison, and the exp efficiency cannot be said to be better than other grinding spots.

Although the forest may lack a few things compared to the popular Sausan Garrison, the gap can be closed to some extent if you find the most efficient spot in the area. The congested areas with monsters such as Fadus barricades or barracks offer players to effectively grind monsters on a regular basis.

The location of Loopy Tree Forest; it is located to the north
▲ On the way to Loopy Tree Forest from Acher Guard Post, a slope to the grinding area appears


The Loopy Tree Forest can be divided into 6 major spots

▲ An aerial view of the Loopy Tree Forest on the minimap


The area can be divided into 6 major spots. We have split the area thusly to make the explanation easier, but you can plan out this process yourself according to your own goals. The 6 divided spots can be used to set a route for more effective grinding.

If you divide the area into more than 6 spots, the number of monsters in each area may be less, and the wider designation of spots may pressure you to deal with excessive monsters, which ultimately makes the route inconvenient.

Each area has more than one hotspot. The hotspot indicates a place with plenty of monsters. Grinding at these spots increase effectiveness, allowing you to receive more EXP and profits.

The size of each hotspot varies, and the method also becomes different depending on each player’s stats and playstyle. As mentioned before, each area has its own hotspot, thus you do not need to worry about the scarcity of monsters when another player has already occupied the place.

Area No.1, the southernmost Loopy Tree Forest

▲ The location of Area No. 1 on the world map
▲ The area starts when you pass under the arch-shaped rock
▲ The monsters are positioned in a straight line, allowing you to grind along a simple straight path
▲ You will encounter a group of monsters at the end of the path


Area No. 1 is located in the southernmost part of the Loopy Tree Forest. When you walk along the path from the Acher Guard Post, you will be able to see Fadus building wooden fences to the left and right of the street. The left-hand side of that place leads you to Area No. 1.

The area starts when you pass under the arch-shaped rock. The monsters are not too numerous in the early and middle parts of the route, thus you may need to go a bit deeper into the area for more efficient grinding. They are located alongside the street, a bit more to the left-hand side.

At the end of the route, there is a group of Fadus that you may want to grind with other monsters simultaneously.

Area No. 2 is located closest to the path to the Archer Guard Post

▲ The location of Area No. 2 on the world map
▲ A group of Fadus taking formation to the right of the slope at the entrance of the forest
▲ They are positioned in checkers to the south of the Area No. 2
▲ A considerable amount of Fadus is gathered in the center of the area


Area No. 2 can be visited easily when you take a walk along the slope to the Loopy Tree Forest from the Acher Guard Post. Just like with Area No. 1, the location is not that far from the Acher Guard Post. It would be convenient for those who need to reorganize.

There is a group of Fadus positioned in checkers on the right-hand side of the slope, and you can grind at this place before visiting the hotspots. However, the number is not so great, so you should not expect to have high efficiency for grinding at this place.

The hotspot located in the center of the area is a vast flatland that is quite close to the path. Although the monsters in this place are not close to each other, the number is great, which grants players efficient grinding. Another hotspot is located to the south of the center of Area No. 2, and you can use make your own route to include this place if you consider having just one hotspot to be insufficient.

The hotspots of Area No. 3 is separated into floors

▲ The location of Area No. 3 on the world map
▲ An arch-shaped wooden structure at the Area No. 3, it is visible on the path after Area No. 2
▲ You will see another entrance-like structure, and the left-hand side of it leads you to Area No. 3
▲ The general view of the area
▲ There is a 2nd floor hotspot at the end of the slope
▲ Below is the 1st floor hotspot


Area No. 3 is located on the left-hand side of an arch-shaped wooden structure that you will see when you walk along the path to the Loopy Tree Forest.

Unlike other areas, Area No. 3 is divided into two floors. In addition, the respawn areas are located on each floor and somehow prohibits players to take over both areas at the same time. The number of monsters in the south, that is, the 2nd-floor hotspot, is relatively higher than the others.

You will see a number of Fadus gathered in groups in the vast flatland. There are also monsters on the 1st floor, and it is much easier to set the route killing the groups one by one.

You can get out of the monster’s sight when you go to the edge of the west cliff, allowing you to park your horse and take a break for awhile.

Area No. 4 divided into north and south hotspots

▲ The location of Area No. 4 on the world map
▲ The wooden entrance to Area No. 4 from No. 3
▲ You will see Area No. 4 to the left-hand side of the path with loopy trees
▲ The rocks in the middle separate hotspots in north and south
▲ Southern hotspots
▲ Northern hotspots, this place tends to have more monsters


Area No. 4 can be found on the left-hand side of the path after passing through the giant wooden entrance. There is a relatively considerable amount of monsters located in checkers, and a big rock is placed in the middle of the player’s path in the vast flatland.

This rock separates hotspots into two areas. Either area has enough monsters for grinding, and the area itself is much more accessible than Area No. 3.

Note that loopy trees and wooden fences may interrupt your movement, thus it may be better to grind starting from the eastern side of Area No. 4.

Area No. 5 with the route in semicircle

▲ The location of Area No. 5 on the world map
▲ A fork at Area No. 4, going straight forward leaves the Loopy Tree Forest, and the right leads to Area No. 5
▲ The hotspot that you encounter instantly when you walk along the slope to Area No. 5
▲ The hotspots in this area are close to the path


The fork that leads to Area No. 5 is easily spotted with fences and a signpost. Going straight through the flatland from the fork will lead you out of the Loopy Tree Forest, and going up leads to Area No. 5.

The shape of the area including Kharid, the node manager, is the place that has a semicircular path. Follow the semicircular path for more efficient grinding.

From this area, the Acher Guard Post is somewhat further than other areas, therefore it is recommended that you have enough inventory space.

Area No. 6 is located at the end of the path going towards the Loopy Tree Forest from the Acher Guard Post

▲ The location of Area No. 6 on the world map
▲ The area can be seen to the right of the semicircular path with hotspots behind wooden fences
▲ Hotspots in Area No. 6, a group of Fadus are gathered at the vast flatland
▲ You may need to move around the trees and rocks located in the center of the flatland


Area No. 6 is located furthest from the Acher Guard Post. The player may find it difficult to reorganize, thus you may want to have enough inventory space or play a character that does not need much reorganization.

The place where monsters are concentrated most is the hotspot located to the north of the Loopy Tree Forest.

The monsters in this area are not arranged in an ideal position, but the number is great and they are usually grouped, making the grinding much more efficient. It is better to grind around the trees and rocks located in the center of the area.

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