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Skill Enhancement - Rabam's Enlightenment aka the 2nd Awakening introduced in BDO KR




On July 25th (KST), Black Desert Online KR introduced a new system to the game, Rabam’s Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement.

The Skill Enhancement System, also known as the 2nd Awakening, will allow the players to combine two different pre-Awakening skills to create a more powerful skill. Each class will have one main skill and two sub skills to for the combination. One main skill can be combined with one sub skill, so each class will be able to have two 2nd Awakening skills in total.

The Skill Enhancement System is available for the players who are Level 56 or above. PA has announced that more combinations for 2nd Awakening skills will be added in the future. Below are the 2nd Awakening skills for each class that have been revealed so far.


▲ [Warrior] Ground Smash + Ground Roar = Roaring Smash
▲ [Sorceress] Rushing Crow + Bloody Calamity = Crow Calamity
▲ [Berserker] Raging Thunder + Wrath of Beast = Beastly Thunder
▲ [Ranger] Charging Wind + Penetrating Wind = Windpath
▲[Tamer] Fearful Trembling + Void Lightning = Trembling Void
▲ [Valkyrie] Heaven's Echo + Celestial Spear = Holy Spear
▲ [Musa] Rising Storm + Blind Thrust = Galeforce Slash
▲ [Maehwa] Maehwa's Will + Chaos: Red Moon = Chaos: Red Wind 
▲ [Witch] Sage's Memory + Healing Lighthouse = Sage's Lighthouse
▲ [Wizard] Sage's Memory + Fireball = Sage's Heart
▲ [Kunoichi] Smokescreen + Tendon Cutter = Ninjutsu: Tendon Cutter
▲ [Ninja] Smokescreen + Shuriken: Flight = Shuriken: Cloud Moonlight
▲ [Dark Knight] Lunacy of Vedir + Corrut Ground = Ground of Vedir
▲ [Striker] Mass Destruction + Flash Step = Flow: Flash of Lightning


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