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Black Desert Online Mystic Guide: Mystic Skills and Combos Videos


Like the Striker, the Mystic also has simple yet strong chain combos. Just holding the mouse buttons will smoothly activate some powerful combos. She is able to use the Adamantine combo and the Hidden Claws combo, as well as her exclusive combos which involve her [Shift + LMB] skill and [Shift + RMB] skill.

Another major difference between the Striker and the Mystic is aht the Mystic can use Ankle Hook and Deva King by holding RMB after Adamantine. The Mystic can also use a new Flow skill and Flow: Bombardment after Ankle Hook and Deva King, which makes a very simple and effective combo.

As the Mystic does not have Crimson Fang, a new skill with the same key command replaces that skill. After the skill, she can use three skills that are exclusive to her (Flow: Heat, Combo: Burn, and Combo: Flame Inferno) as a combo. After the combo ends with Combo: Flame Inferno, she can use [Shift + RMB] again and press F while using that skill to use Combo: Whirlwind.  

The Mystic also has a skill that consumes Black Spirit's Rage to deal massive damage. Roaring Tiger and Sweeping Kick will consume 100% and 200% Black Spirit meter, respectively.

Below are the videos for the Mystic's skills and combos.


Septuple Kick (F skill) - Flow: Heaven 


Triple Flying Kick

Somersault - Flying Kite (replaces Rising Blast Combo)

Adamantine - Flow: Mass Destruction

Adamantine to Flow: Bombardment full combo

Crouching Wolf

[Shift + RMB] to Combo: Whirlwind full combo

Hidden Claws to Flow: Savage Fang full combo

Fist Fury

[Shift + LMB] to Flow: Tornado Kick full combo 

Twisted Collision - Flow: Falling Flower (replaces Flow: Nimbus Strike)

Twisted Collision - Flow: Landslide

Twisted Collision to Flow: Breakthrough full combo

Wolf's Cloud (replaces Wolf's Fang)

Sweeping Kick

Roaring Tiger

Rage Hammer

Roaring Tiger with 100% Black Spirit Rage


Sweeping Kick with 200% Black Spirit Rage


* Please note that the terms/names used in this post are not official and are subject to change when they are live in the NA/EU server.  

Inven Global's AMA on Mystic:


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