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Valtarra’s Hidden Light, the upgraded version of Basilisk’s Belt, has been added


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The new equipment piece called Valtarra’s Hidden Light has been added to BDO. The item has 5 basic AP, and is increased by 3 AP and 25 max HP upon successful enhancement. It is considered an upgraded version of Basilisk’s Belt, the best belt so far in the game.

You need to progress with the newly-added Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual in order to obtain the item. To obtain the manual, use the Training Manual, complete the Altar of Training, and complete the training quest called Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament. You would then be able to receive the quest called Valtarra - Towards a Higher Place from Milford, and acquire the Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual when you talk to him again.

A party that uses the item at the Altar of Training automatically enters the instance zone and then has to protect the relic from incoming monsters. The Advanced Training Manual can only be acquired in the weekly quest, thus you will not be able to re-attempt the instance in that week if you fail the challenge.

▲ You need to challenge the Advanced Altar of Training in order to acquire Valtarra’s Hidden Light


Complete Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament and obtain the Advanced Training Manual

The newly-added item called Valtarra - Advanced Training Manual is the item required to enter the Advanced Altar of Training, which is more difficult than the original Altar of Training. Every member of the party that uses the Advanced Training Manual at the designated area automatically enters the instance zone. The relic appears after the battle begins, and members must protect it from incoming monsters.

In order to acquire the manual, you need to complete the questline in Kamasylvia and the quest called [Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament, which is given by Milford. After completing all quests, you can receive another quest called [Training Quest] Valtarra - Towards a Higher Place, and then you will be able to obtain the Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual after finishing the quest and talking to Milford once again.

[Training Quest] Valtarra - Ruins Sacrament, which is considered to be the preceding quest, can only be given after the character at level 58 or higher has completed Token of Lemoria Guards, the last stage of the main quest in Kamasylvia. The quest that provides the Advanced Training Manual also has the level cap of 58.

In addition, you should keep in mind that you cannot attempt the instance for a week if you fail, as the Advanced Training Manual is the reward given from a weekly quest. This is different compared to the normal Training Manual that can be given repetitively by spending energy, as long as you do not complete Valtarra: Ruins Sacrament.

▲ You can obtain the Advanced Training Manual from Milford after completing the related quests for the normal Training Manual


Extreme Difficulty - form a party to protect the relic and challenge

If you have acquired the Advanced Training Manual, it is time to form a party and enter the Altar of Training. The Advanced Altar of Training consists of 5 stages just like the normal Altar of Training. The first stage starts from the bottom and requires players to protect the relic from incoming monsters; the party also needs to move up the hill and progress to further stages. Additional relics are summoned at every stage and monsters try to approach the relics, and players are to defend them while moving upwards.

The firepower of the party is crucial because the stages automatically progress after a certain duration, even if there are monsters still alive in the current stage. If the party is lacking in firepower, it is very likely that the relic summoned in the next stage will be destroyed while players are busy dealing with monsters in the stage before it.

In the Altar of Training, the training ceases as soon as one of the relics gets destroyed, thus it is crucial to hunt down monsters as quickly as possible in order to protect all of the relics. In certain cases, it might even be necessary to distribute members to different stages in order to complete the challenge.

The way the training works is similar to the normal Altar of Training, except much more difficult. It is known that even players with 500 points of AP and DP together have difficulties surpassing the 3rd stage of this training.

Guide for the normal Altar of Training by 장의상


▲ Although the progression is similar to the normal version, the difficulty is a different story


Complete each stage, gather seals, and get rewards

You need to gather seals from the boss in each stage and make a token in the Advanced level, instead of receiving quests from Milford. You can receive the quest by right-clicking the token, and then receive the reward by talking to Milford.

There are 5 types of tokens in total, and below is a list of the stages and names of each seal:


Seals are combined into a token in the inventory, and a better token can be made as you progress to the higher stages in the Altar of Training. For example, you can make Valtarra: Token of Sky if you manage to complete the 2nd stage and acquire the Seal of Forest and the Seal of Sky. If you complete all 5 stages, then you can make a Valtarra: Token of the Ruins with all the Seals: Forest, Sky, Earth, Death, and Ruins. You then right-click the token and talk to Milford to receive the reward, and the quality of the reward increases with the level of the token.

The item called Valtarra’s Scattered Lightshard is 100% given from the quest lootbox, and sometimes a courser awakening material box is dropped as well. You can acquire the complete version of Valtarra’s Hidden Light Belt if you are lucky, otherwise 20 of Valtarra’s Scattered Lightshards can be exchanged with 1 complete version of the item from Milford.



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