[AVATARA] ‘Avatars’, the NFT mining tool needed to make profits

“Avatars”, a mining tool NFT that transforms you


‘Avatars’ are an NFT of AVATARA. It transforms the character’s appearance and has an attack speed stat, which has a big effect on combat. There are seven grades of avatars: normal, uncommon, rare, epic, ancient, legend, and myth. The higher the grade, the higher the stats. You can’t gain myth avatars through minting — you can only gain them by synthesizing two legend avatars. Currently, the probabilities of synthesizing have not been revealed. Also, you can web mine or mine TARA on the PvP fields within the game only if you have avatars.


NFT Avatar minting probabilities:

Uncommon 60% Rare 30% Epic 9.4% Ancient 0.55% Legend 0.05%


▲ You must purchase a NORMAL TICKET from the official homepage to mint an avatar.

Avatars’ main effect, “Attack Speed”


In AVATARA, all classes have a long skill cooldown, so it relies much on basic attacks. As basic attacks are very important, the attack damage and attack speed have much influence on combat. You can gain more attack damage by leveling up, synthesizing, and enhancing your equipment, but you can only gain attack speed through the stats of an avatar. You must have a high-grade avatar to increase attack speed and raise your DPS by a big margin.


▲ The attack speed comparison. No avatar (top), Lv. 30 reward rare avatar (middle), Epic avatar gained through minting (bottom).

The essence of avatars, “mining” for profit


If you have an avatar, you can mine TARA by farming in PvP areas. The higher the avatar’s grade, the more you can mine per day. TARA can be traded into TARA tokens through the [TARA exchange] menu in the game. You could get confused because the names are similar, but TARA and TARA tokens are different currencies. TARA tokens can be traded with NOX tokens, and can be monetized after trading into KLAY tokens to sell in the exchange.


*Amount of TARA that can be mined per day by avatar grade


Normal: 0

Uncommon: 600

Rare: 2,000

Epic: 8,500

Ancient: 98,000

Legend: 800,000

Myth: 10,000,000


▲ With epic-grade avatars, which you have a 9.4% chance of minting, you can mine up to 8,500 TARA per day.
▲ The total amount you can mine is limited per map. The amount per map and the amount a character can mine is reset every day at 6 PM.

“Web Mining”, where you can mine TARA tokens from the homepage


If you equip an avatar and farm in PvP areas to mine TARA, you can transfer the avatar you’re not using to the homepage to mine TARA tokens. TARA tokens are bridge tokens that can be traded into NOX tokens through the NOX wallet. You can trade them in the [TARA exchange] menu in the game with TARA.


When you don’t play the game because your going out or sleeping, you can unequip your avatar and transfer it to the homepage to mine on the web. Also, when you mine on the web, there’s a fee. The fee differs by calculation, but it doesn’t exceed 10%.


▲ Mining slots open according to VIP level (The number of times you purchased minting tickets). The default number of slots is two.
▲ After mining with a rare avatar for 2 hours and 3 minutes, I gained 36.6 TARA tokens and 2 Low Boxes.
▲ The amount of TARA tokens you mine on the web is affected by the avatar’s Power stat.
▲ The power stats vary by avatar, and if you have a higher grade avatar, the power stat is also higher.

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