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BDO Guide: Gear Setup Guide using Ten Million Silver for Beginner Kunoichi




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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by DoKi3



Gear Setup Guide using Ten Million Silver for Beginner Kunoichi


The Skills

First, here are the skills you should learn, in order:

Master Target Chase - Ghost Step - Brace - Fatal Blow - 1 level of Floor Sweeping (2 level for later) - Master Ankle Cutter - Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp

If you still have points left, master Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp, Flash Slash.

Then master Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight, Killer Training.

Learning Tendon Cutter is a must.

How you put them in the quickslots is entirely up to you.



Gear Setup

As for your weapon, go rent one. Look for Kanobas in Calpheon by using the Find NPC button right next to the minimap, and rent a Kaia Shortsword. The damage of the Kaia Shortsword is similar to that of a +14 Bares Shortsword. It has 2 sockets, additional damage to all races, increases attack speed +1, and critical hit rate +1. Grind until you can buy the enhanced Liverto and Kzarka weapons.

Grunil Gloves
are a must-have for the 5 levels of attack speed. Get a Grunil Helmet as well for the set bonus. That should give you the set effect for both your gloves and helmet, along with +5 Attack Damage.

Search for a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault at the marketplace. Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault gives you +2 Attack Speed each. If you put two of these in your gloves, you can have level 5 attack speed.

As for your shoes and armor, go for Steel Taritas Shoes and Armor. They come in handy if you can’t spare extra weight as they are lighter than just Taritas Shoes and Armor. Taritas has +100 WP set effect for its two parts. The armor also has +20 HP and +20 WP. Then buy 20 Black Stones (Armor) to enhance your armor to +5.

As for your secondary weapon, buy Estique Kunai. To enhance it to +7, buy Black Stones (Weapon).

When it comes to socketing, always go for cheap and efficient crystals for grinding.

As for your shoes, get a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Swiftness.

For your armor, get a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Patience with WP until your health level gets higher. Once your health level increases, change to Cobelinus.


Having higher WP will make your grinding easier. When your health level is low and you don’t have a boss set, having 2 pieces of Taritas will let you have higher WP, making your grinding process easier.

Then, go for Bares Necklace and Mesto Earrings. As for your ring, go for either Red/Blue Coral Ring or Outlaw’s Ring. As for your belt, if you have enough gold, get the Belt of Schultz the Gladiator; if not, get Bares Belt.

For your weapon, get a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Absorption; if you can’t get one, just socket anything you can get your hands on.

And get a Magic Crystal of Perfection, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical, and Black Spirit Crystal for your secondary weapon.

As for your helmet, get a Black Magic Crystal - Harphia.

That is about it for your gear setup. Use Serendia Meal and Milk Tea for your food buffs whenever you can to level up your health stat.



Canceling Skill Animation for Faster Skill Chains

Use all different kinds of buffs when grinding:

Double Jumping: movement speed +10% for 10 sec.
Shadow Slash: attack speed +5 for 10 sec.
Floor Sweeping: down attack damage +10% for 10 sec.

The main skills you should be using when grinding are:

Tendon Cutter, Ankle Cutter, Floor Sweeping, Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp, Flow: Fatal Blow Combo, Shadow Slash, Ghost Step, Ghost Greeting.

As for your Skill Awakening, you’ll just have to awaken these 3 skills: Tendon Cutter, Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp, and Flow: Fatal Blow Combo. For those who would like to awaken more skills, it’s entirely up to you. As for the option for Awakened Skills, go for WP; it’s the safest.


This is it for the gear guide for beginner Kunoichi. Good luck!


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