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Maximize CP with a hidden daily in Valencia: Marod Alom’s Trace



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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by chlghgud



I found this quest by accident while I was trying to do my dailies to getting knowledge. The quest rewards a whopping 400 CP, so I hope more people know about it. You’ll need a Tanning Knife and 10-20 energy.

Before you begin the quest, also pick up [Daily] Forbidden Art of Cron, which you can only get if you have 150 or more amity with Kiyak the Bookseller. After all, Black Desert is all about maximizing efficiency.

The quest tells you to dip your hands in a baby lion’s blood. Basically, kill 3 baby lions, interact with the root of the tree, and report back.

Forbidden Art of Cron gives 300 CP, which comes out to be 700 CP in total. Talk about value. That said, I remember it was quite grueling to get 150 amity with Kiyah so I suggest you just farm amity with simple greetings. After you receive the quest, go kill some lions to get started.

So here’s what actually happens in the quest. You’ll have a chance to get Marod Alom’s Trace when you skin baby lions, lionesses, and lions.

From what I can tell, the drop rate is about one in three. If you’re unlucky, it could go on for one out of every ten. On the other hand, I’ve gotten two drops from a single corpse.

After you’ve collected all four and combined them, you’ll get a report.

Right-click on the report to get the quest. There aren’t that many baby lions around, but there’s one area(shown in the screenshot above) where three baby lions are clustered. There are other areas with eight clustered lions and lionesses, so you can more effectively complete quests if you look around a bit more. You’ve probably killed more than three baby lions trying to collect the four Marod Alom’s Traces. Meet the spirit at the root of the tree and head to Rakshan Observatory.

Report to Node Manager Akhram and you’ll be rewarded with 400 CP. For even more efficiency, you can add [Daily] Tell Me If You Want Stars to the routine, which has you visit the Observatory. That’s all for this guide, and I hope you found it to be helpful.


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