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BDO guide: Ranger Skill Guide for Beginners and Returners



Disclaimer: This article contains curated tips, guides, other useful information posted on Inven KR by the users. Please note that such guides and information are not objective truths and may not reflect the latest patch or meta changes.

*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 트레이서충 (Tracer Troll)


Pre-Awakening Skills

Bow Skill

The skill levels up by itself. Let it be.

Moving Shot

Blasting Gust was often used to gather monsters, but it has a knockdown effect that takes a long time to gather a good amount of monsters, so this skill is used instead. It used to increase accuracy for every skill level you contribute your point to, but it does not work that way anymore. Therefore you distribute only one point.

Charging Wind (Ultimate and SP)

SP: Charging Wind is used quite frequently even after Awakening. Charging Wind is the only skill that you do not actually use, but is a preceding skill you need in order to get SP: Charging Wind. Thus you max out this skill. As mentioned before, you do not use normal Charging Wind; it is recommended that you save the skill points until level 46 where you can learn Ultimate: Charging Wind (63 SP in total).

Razor Wind

This is the main PvE skill before you learn SP: Charging Wind. It does however reduce durability drastically so it is not recommended for long-term grinding. Reset the skill points you have used on this skill and distribute them to Ultimate: Charging Wind once you reach level 46.

Evasive Shot (Ultimate: Evasive shot)

This is the skill that allows you to perform the animation cancel, thus you need to max out this skill.

Evasive Explosion Shot

This is an evasive skill and also allows you to switch from the Kamasylven sword to the bow. It used to be the one to master but recently got nerfed. However, it provides invincibility, and the cooldown decreases as you distribute more points. Add points up to level 3.

Riding the Wind

You can learn this after the level 3 of Evasive Explosion Shot. It provides great mobility, but the problem is with the command system. It is similar to that of Ultimate: Charging Wind. Ultimate: Charging Wind is activated if you press the spacebar right after Evasive Shot without A or D, or Riding the Wind with A or D. This is critical when there is a heavy lag. It really depends on your taste, but I do not recommend having it.

Tearing Arrow

This is the starting skill of the combo called Railgun - the combo is explained in the animation canceling section at the bottom.

It was used quite often in the past but is not anymore due to the change of the meta. It has the advantage of great damage against a single target, but the damage is drastically diminished if you use it against multiple targets. It also depends on the circumstances, so you can choose to distribute points from level 1 to 3 at maximum.

Blasting Gust

This skill is useful for gathering monsters after Awakening and is the most archer-like skill, as you would still use it even when you become a swordsman later in the game. Ultimate: Blasting Gust is useless, so distribute points up to level 3.

Will of Wind

The skill can only be learnt after Ultimate: Evasive Shot. It is a must-have skill when you are grinding with a bow, but becomes useless when you reach level 58. Master it until level 57 and reset the skill points at level 58.

Descending Current (Ultimate: Descending Current)

A ranger with high AP can dominate the grinding zone with this skill. Although it costs a large amount of mana, it is often used in the Desert Naga party so master it to Ultimate: Descending Current.

Spirit Healing

It allows you to regenerate mana even when you sprint while carrying a bow or while using Bow Skill, but does not activate with AoE or the Kamasylven Sword. You may perhaps distribute spare points here later on in the game, but it is not recommended otherwise.

Infinite Mastery

This is the passive skill you can learn at level 50 to 55 and It increases HP. Max it out.

Skilled Hunter

The passive skill that increases AP against monsters. Max it out.


Flow Skills

Flow: Pinpointing Gust Ⅰ

It allows you to use Blasting Gust right after Pinpoint. These two skills are often used in PvP, so it is recommended to learn this.

Flow: Call from Sky

It allows you to jump high when you press the spacebar while using Charging Kick or LMB while dashing. This is quite useful in PvP as you become invincible with this. I strongly recommend spending a point on this, but do not bother if you are not interested in PvP.


Awakening Skills

Awakening: Kamasylven Sword

This is the basic Awakening skill that allows you to switch between the Kamasylven sword and the bow.

Sword → Bow

- Standing Stance: takes a bit too long time to activate, so do not use it at this point.
- Forward: uses Charging Kick even if you didn’t learn it before. You can adopt this for Flow: Call from Sky.
- Sidestep: switches the weapon while using Evasive Shot, and it also allows you to use SP: Charging Wind afterward.
- Backward: activates the skill similar to Blasting Gust without the knockdown effect, so it wouldn’t serve the purpose well.

Bow → Sword

Standing Stance: allows you to switch, nothing else.
- Forward: pierces forward and grant a front shield.
- Sidestep: slashes horizontally and grant a front shield.
- Backward: pierces from where you are and grant a front shield.

Wind Step

The basic skill of Awakening that is a mobility skill and a switching skill. It allows you to switch from a bow to a sword when you press W with RMB.

Kamasylven Sword Training

Distribute spare points after mastering all the necessary skills of Awakening.

Breezy Blade

It can be used during the cooldown but there is no stiffness effect, the movement distance is reduced, and the invincibility does not work. It costs a lot of durability so it is not recommended in PvE. However, it is still good even with these disadvantages, so max it out.

Wailing Wind

A skill for PvE that grants a front shield when used. It shows its true value with Flow: Tempest, which you learn at level 57. The buffs you receive from this skill are formidable, but the casting speed is very poor, so it will just help you die faster when used in a PvP fight. Use it with 100% Black Spirit meter for PvP. Max it out.

Waltz of Wind

A main skill. You can grind without any potions if you add the skill specialization of lifesteal, and the skill is also used often in PvP for its reasonably good damage. Max it out.

Elven Rage (Flow: Disillusion)

A main skill. It grants a front shield when used. The value of this skill increases with Flow: Disillusion, and it is good in both PvE and PvP. Max it out.

Nature’s Tremble

A main skill. Although the cooldown is quite long, it serves its purpose by giving an incredible amount of damage. Max it out.

Flow: Rooting

Even though it costs some durability, it is still a good skill when used as a part of a combo; has great damage and CC. The accuracy of this skill has been nerfed but the skill is still good.

Vine Knot

Hits enemies twice while jumping. When you use rear Waltz of Wind (S+F) followed by Vine Knot (F), Waltz of Wind is casted without moving and it helps deal more damage.

Flow: Piercing Wind

Allows you to use SP: Charging Wind followed by Breezy Blade, rear Waltz of Wind, and Flow: Rushing Wind. This is a mandatory skill you need to learn.


Switches from a bow instantly, and is a good skill for mana regeneration and works great as a counter to the skills of opponents in PvP.


Animation Cancel

1. Kick Cancel

Required Skill: Ultimate: Evasive Shot

Press LMB with A or D after Kick (F)

F → A or D + LMB, or click F, and A or D while pressing LMB


2. Blasting Gust Cancel

Required Skill: Ultimate: Evasive Shot, Blasting Gust

Cancel by clicking LMB with A or D at the same time with Blasting Gust

Q → A or D + LMB, or click Q, and A or D while pressing LMB


3. Forward & Backward Blasting Gust Cancel

Use Blasting Gust while looking forward or backward. This takes some time and practice to familiarize yourself with it. Use Blasting Gust Cancel while clicking the mouse wheel button to switch the view. However, you need to press Q + A or D + LMB instead of pressing Q first.

Wheel button + Q + A or D + LMB


4. Will of the Wind Cancel

Required Skill: Ultimate: Evasive Shot, Will of the Wind

The command given by our supreme producer

A or D → F


5. SP: Charging Wind Application

Required Skill: SP (Ultimate): Charging Wind, Ultimate: Evasive Shot, Blasting Gust, Will of the Wind, etc.

SP: Charging Wind is activated by pressing the spacebar after Charging Wind or Evasive Shot, but you can use the skill without this restriction with a number of animation cancels.

There is a slight delay of being pushed backward after SP: Charging Wind, and you can avoid it by pressing AW or DW while tilting the mouse a bit to the side. Check from 0:02 to 0:04 of the video.


Skill Tree

Level 56


Level 60


Level 61


Skill Specialization

The specialization really depends on what you want to go for, but here are the snapshots for reference.

- It is important to try and not overlap the effects of each, as only the highest specialization of the same effect works.
- Charging Wind specialization does not apply to SP and Ultimate: Charging Wind.
- Evasive Shot specialization applies to Ultimate: Evasive Shot. It does not, however, work in cases of animation cancel as you don’t actually use Evasive Shot at this point.

PvE Specialization


PvP Specialization


Recommended Skill Lock

Dagger of Protection
Crescent Kick
Razor Wind
Charging Kick
Round Kick


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