Maewha Newbie Guide to Optimizing Gear Setup from Early to Late Stages of BDO

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This is a guide for maewha newbies who struggle to equip the most efficient gears in the beginning of the game. The summary is in bold type so just read the bold sentences if you don’t have time for the whole thing.

First off, let me introduce you to the BDO system, which tends to confuse new players.

When you have a look at the gear in the marketplace, there is prefix in front of each one’s name name such as Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Crimson Flame, Destruction, and Temptation. Enhancing gears works in the same way with other games starting from +1 to +15, but the rank is noted in Roman numerals from +16. It goes as follows:

+ 16 (Ⅰ; PRI)

+ 17 (Ⅱ; DUO)

+ 18 (Ⅲ; TRI)

+ 19 (Ⅳ; TET)

+ 20 (Ⅴ; PEN)

Beyond this, there is color upgrading. Through forging, the gear can be enhanced to Ultimate - the color changes from green to yellow - adding slight damage increase and special effects to it (e.g. attack speed, critical hit rate, damage reduction, etc.)

Crimson Flame, Destruction, and Temptation are the names prefixed to crafted equipment, but they are rarely used so you don’t need to worry about them.

Level 1 Gear

+7 Bares/+7 White Horn Bow/+5 Armor/Bares Accessory

You can get this setup when you complete the Black Spirit quests, and you can choose the armor set from Zereth, Talis, Taritas, and Agerian through trading. The Agerian set is recommended for its +5 attack speed, which is crucial for the Maewha class, although it doesn’t ultimately matter what you choose, since you’ll pass this phase pretty quickly.

In case if you choose Agerian, the socketing goes as follows:

Gloves: Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault

Weapon: Magic Crystal - Destruction, or Carmae

With these you can achieve +5 attack speed. Once again however, as you won’t spend much time at this stage, it’s fine if you don’t socket. Also, I recommend using the Jarette accessory set that you get as an event reward.

Level 2 Gear

Blue Coral Ring/+15 Yuria/+15 Armor (Rocaba Armor, Rocaba Shoes, Heve or Hercules Helmet, Heve or Hercules Gloves)/Blue Coral Earring/+15 White Horn Bow/Ancient Guardian's Seal/Ancient Weapon Core

You can purchase this gear in the written order when you have enough silver in your inventory.

Blue Coral Ring - 5 AP at 500k silver (100k silver spent per AP)

+15 Yuria Blade - 73 AP at 17m silver (232.9k silver spent per AP)

+ 15 4 parts of armor set

Blue Coral Earring - 4 AP at 2.3m silver (575k silver spent per AP)

Ancient Guardian's Seal - 6 AP at 4.6m silver (766.7k silver spent per AP)

Ancient Weapon Core - 4 AP at 3.5m silver (875k silver spent per AP)

+15 White Horn Bow - 21 AP at 17m silver (809.5k silver spent per AP)

The reason for adding silver spent per AP is for players who worry about the priority of silver investment as the budget is low in the beginning of the game. You can purchase them in the written order of the silver spent per AP (from the top to the bottom). Blue Coral Ring in particular is at a reasonably cheap price of 500k silver and increases both WP and 5 AP. This is the first must-buy item for its cost-effectiveness.

The Blue Coral Earring is also a cost-effective item that increases WP.

The Ancient Guardian’s Seal and Ancient Weapon Core are recommended with a set option of DP and extra accuracy, making them valuable set items in the beginning.

For the main weapon, Yuria Blade is recommended for its high attack damage and the efficiency of extra damage against humans, as the most of monsters you encounter are human.

The Grunil set is fairly good armor but it is difficult to obtain due to its popularity, therefore Rocaba Armor, Shoes, and Strength Helmet and Gloves of Heve are recommended instead. This set gives plentiful max HP and also provides WP, which is important for a Maewha. If your weight limit is pretty low, Rocaba Armor, Shoes, and Helmet and Gloves of Hercules’ Might would be what you want to go for. To simplify the game a bit, the purchase of weight limit at the pearl shop would be a thing to consider.

The problem is with the White Horn Bow, as the gear rarely appears on the marketplace. You can keep looking for it as long as possible, or move on to the next stage by saving silver up to the point where you can purchase the level 3 gear, Ultimate White Horn Bow if you cannot find the level 2 anywhere.

The socketing goes as follows:

Weapon: Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame

Helmet: Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation (Knockdown/Bound resistance +10% & Stun/Stiffness/Freezing resistance 5%) × 2

Armor: Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Resonance (Max WP +50  & WP recovery +3) × 2

Gloves: Magic crystal of Infinity - Assault (Attack speed +2) × 2

Shoes: Ancient magic Crystal of Nature - Adamantine (Knockdow/Bound resistance + 25%) × 2

Secondary Weapon: Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical (Additional critical hit damage +1)

The Maewha is a melee character with a short attack range, and the main skill, Chaos, is a casting skill, which leaves her vulnerable to being knocked down by enemies. Although it would be faster in terms of mobility if the shoes are socketed with Swiftness, it would not provide much help during grinding because of knockdown. This is why the ones above are recommended, and you can already move around fast enough with Chase.

* A short tip

The settings are as follows:

The set of 2 Rocabas (75 WP) with 2 Resonance Crystals (100 WP) and 4 Blue Coral accessories (100 WP) would give the total additional WP of 275.

If you select Divider with the skill add-ons of lifesteal and mana absorption, you will see tremendous lifesteal ability.

P.s. The gear you used previously (level 1) can be sold at the marketplace, but ones with +5 and +7 are not easily sold. One way to cope with this is to extract black stones from them via a blacksmith and sell those.

Level 3 Gear

DUO Sundo Kerispear/DUO Ultimate Yuria Blade/DUO Ultimate Armor/DUO Ultimate White Horn Bow

The Awakening gear is added with an assumption that you would unlock the Awakening by the time you are preparing for this stage. Equipping same accessories from level 2 is ideal as it is not cost-effective to upgrade them at this point. You can upgrade the +15 weapon yourself if you stashed a pile of Black Stones, concentrated Black Stones, Advice of Valks and others that you get from the events. If not, it is better to save the silver and purchase them one by one instead of enhancing it on your own.

The socketing is the same as the level 2 gear.

Level 4 Gear

TRI Liverto or TRI Kzarka/TRI Dandelion or TET Sundo Kerispear/TET Armor or TRI Boss item/TRI Nouver/DUO Witch’s Earring/DUO Mark of Shadow/DUO Tree Spirit Belt/PRI Ogre Ring, PRI Laytenn’s Power Stone, PRI Serap’s Necklace

Upgrading becomes quite difficult from this stage. Kzaka, Nouver, and Dandelion are boss items that are very difficult to obtain. Even so, keep bidding and you may get one eventually. You can also use the black market to find them.

Liverto is the lower tier of Kzaka, but it is a more efficient alternative for those that focus on PvE only. However, you would still need some accuracy in the other equipment.

Complete the boss scroll from the daily quests and you can aim for the boss set if you are lucky enough to get one of the boss items. You can otherwise equip TET Ultimate gears.

Also, it is wise to always save enough silver to be able to bid on Kzaka, Nouver, and Dandelion or to use the black market, before upgrading armor parts.

After upgrading the weapon, armor parts, and secondary weapon, it is time for the purchase of accessories, but you wouldn’t be a newbie by the time you reach this point, so the guide for the newbie concludes here.

Happy Gaming!

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