Grinding In Manshaum Forest & Holo Forest in Kamasylvia: how to prepare and what loot to expect

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 도끼3 [DoKi3]


This guide is about Manshaum Forest and Holo Forest, 2 Kamasylvia grinding spots.

Before we go into details, there’s a NPC named Elfianso at the Attanis Pond who provides a buff that allows you to deal additional damage to creatures in Kamasylvia.

First, head for the Attanis Pond.

Instead of talking to the node manager here, talk to the NPC, Elfianso (The Singing Kamasylve Priest).

If your amity is not 700, click Theology 2 Knowledge in this order to gain amity:

Worshipping God Courteously - Asula, The Small God - Going Back to the Nature - Diversity of Experience - Succession of God

Once the conditions are met, you will receive a buff for 50 energy.

‘5 additional damage done to creatures in Kamasylvia for 60 minutes.’

That’s the buff you want.

Now, let’s head to the Kamasylvia grind spot.


Items and elixirs recommended for grinding


I recommend using the Kutum Dagger. With decent Accuracy and DP, grinding will feel more stable.

This is a Destruction Spirit Stone, which you can gain at Kamasylvia grinding spots. You can no longer use it once its Durability becomes 0. I especially recommend this to people who feel that repairing Durability with Alchemy Stones is too expensive.


Elixir of Remarkable Will

Remember to get this ready for the night.
As for other elixirs to use, it is entirely up to you.


Manshaum Forest

- The area from the Anttanis Pond to the Manshaum Forest isn’t optimized yet, so there may be some lag. Beware of this when you grind here.

The Manshaum Forest seems to be a smaller version of Aakman’s grinding spots.

It will be easier to grind on your own at Manshaum than at Aakman, and there is a decent density of monsters here.

Monsters you should beware of

- Manshaum Priest

The Manshaum Priest uses Water Ball Explosion, a slow-motioned attack with water bubbles, which does deal pretty high damage.

- Manshaum Hunter

These small fellows tend to hurt quite a bit. They use boomerangs which deal painful damage with CC when hit, so you’ll want to be careful of them.

Item drops from the Manshaum Forest


You can create a Spirit Essence of Water by doing simple cooking: Purified Water with a Water Spirit Stone Shard.

The Manshaum Forest Grinding Videos



The Holo Forest (Poplar Trees)

If we were to compare grinding Poplar Trees with grinding spots in the Valencia region, I’d say it’s similar to Hystria.

With the exception of the Old Poplar Tree, which is the biggest and deals massive damage, most monsters are weaker than those of Hystria, which leads to the assumption that the Old Poplar Tree was set to be the strongest among singular monsters.

If Hystria's difficulty were 10, then the Holo Forest's difficulty would be around 8.5~9, assuming there is an Old Poplar Tree there. Without the Old Poplar Tree, the area’s difficulty would be somewhere between that of Aakman and Hystria.

Monsters that you need to watch out for

Poplar Tree Watcher

These are entities that are not really monsters but could be seen as a sort of monster.

They could be a threat when grinding alone, although they pose no threat when grinding in a party.
They explode with light when their health drops to a certain point.

In this case, they won’t directly hurt the players, but they will debuff them when they explode. 

(30 seconds of -50 melee range, long range, and Magic Resistance)

You could just say that your DP has dropped by 50. When there are Poplar Trees nearby, they’d hurt more than usual.

Old Poplar Tree

This monster deals massive damage, so you should watch out for this one.

Item drops from the Holo Forest (Poplar Trees)


You can create a Spirit Essence of Earth by simple cooking: Purified Water with a Earth Spirit Stone Shard.

The Holo Forest (Poplar Trees) Grinding Video


Food buffs in the video

Food - Valencian Meal, Calpheon Meal, Serendian Meal

Elixir - Elixir of Remarkable Will, Elixir of Endless Fury

Buff - 5 additional damage done to creatures in Kamasylvia

Alchemy Stone - Destruction Spirit Stone

I recommend summoning a Keeper and using the Lock button to lock it.

(Or you could just not summon it in the first place and Lock it.)

Because the usage of the F key is frequent due to the nature of your skills, you could press the wrong button and summon a Keeper when you really need burst damage.

When you are hunting, constantly using these two skills, Magic Lighthouse and Lava Field, will help you a lot.

Magic Lighthouse - Duration 20s
Lava Field - Duration 7.5s

Use Magic Lighthouse - Deal damage - When there’s 4 seconds left to your current Lighthouse, use Lava Field on the land - Deal damage - When the cooldown for Magic Lighthouse is done, set another Lighthouse out to keep the monsters’ aggro off you.

Monsters in Kamasylvia have a tendency to not get aggravated, but with this, you can get them aggravated for a moment. Keep dealing damage while using this. 

This is the end of this guide. Good luck!

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    level 1 aqua995

    Where do we get the +5 Kama DMG buff? Is it in Kama I already?

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    feels bad when you have none of the skills in the guide since you aint a wizard.

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