Grind out Forest Fury in Kamasylvia to craft the top-of-the-line Jin, Won, Bon crystals

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With the KR update on March 9th, Kamasylvia monsters in Manshaum Forest will have a chance to drop Forest Fury, which is a highly sought-after ingredient used for crafting the highest quality crystals. At the time of writing, the pre-purchase price is close to 25 times the marketplace price ceiling.

Crystals can be used on weapons and armor to augment their stats. Some players choose to socket crystals in their gear instead of getting new ones. Each crystal has different attributes and prices, so players often choose the most suitable crystals depending on their gear and budget.


Forest Fury is difficult to obtain even with a premium.


Certain magic crystals come with prefixes like Jin, Won, and Bon. These ones are known to be of the highest quality and have the highest attributes available. In fact, they are upgraded versions of special magic crystals, which are already quite pricey.

Jin, Won, and Bon crystals go one step beyond in augmenting one of the three attributes that regular crystals already augment. Take Viper crystals for example: the Jin version offers additional accuracy; Bon, additional attack speed; Won, reduced casting time.

One or two levels may not seem like much, but every min/max counts in node and territory wars, where even the smallest detail makes big differences. That’s why players at the highest echelon of gear frequently turn to crystals to get that bit of extra edge, and Forest Fury will be an essential ingredient to craft the highest quality crystals available.

To craft these top quality crystals, you have to use alchemy to combine Forest Fury with Black Magic Crystal and 10 magic shards, and the Jin, Won, and Bon prefixes will be assigned at random.

▣ Crystal attributes in the case of Magic Crystal – Viper


There are two ways to get Forest Fury: grinding and quest. The Old Mirumok Ruins in Magoria used to be the only grinding spot, but, with the March 9th update, Manshaum monsters have a chance to drop Forest Fury as well. There are also training and special quests in Magoria that you can complete to receive the item.

Since the Old Mirumok Ruins are currently the highest level zone, it’s very difficult to fight the heavy-hitting monsters that reside there. A select few players usually stick to parties, but the grinding efficiency is known to be subpar due to the low drop rate.

The Manshaum Forest has now become a hunting ground for Forest Fury and offers more forgiving difficulty compared to the Old Mirumok Ruins. If you have adequate AP and DP, you can pretty much solo the place to your heart’s content without having to look for groups.


▲ The Black Spirit warning me as I enter Old Mirumok Ruins.
▲ In Old Mirumok Ruins, trees cut you.
▲ Manshaum Forest is much more forgiving than Old Mirumok Ruins.


Besides grinding, quests offer you ways to get Forest Fury. You can get the “Valtarra – the Idol of the Ruins” training quest after talking to the node manager Milford at Valtarra – the Altar of Training. Once you complete the quest, you will receive the Altar of Training reward bundle, which has a chance of containing Forest Fury.

You can also get Forest Fury through a special quest called Manshaum Aberration, which is given by the Black Spirit. You’ll receive a Manshaum Aberration Summoning Scroll, which you can use to summon a boss monster, Knaak Brushika. After you defeat the boss, you’ll receive three Knaak Brushika reward bundles which also have a chance to drop Forest Fury.

Now that there are more ways to acquire Forest Fury with the new patch, it seems it’ll be easier for players to get their hands on the coveted item. Remember to complete the Manshaum Aberration special quest, which can be repeated daily, to maximize your chances of getting Forest Fury in your grinding routine.


▲ Reward bundles that have a chance to contain Forest Fury.

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