[Guide] Best raid counters, moves, and skillsets for Lugia in Pokemon GO

Source: Niantic

As one of the first legendary Pokemon that appeared in Pokemon GO, Lugia has one of the best defensive stats in the whole game. With a max CP of 3,703 at Lv. 40 (4,186 at Lv. 50), Lugia stands strong without any double-counter types. Lugia is a Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon, and is extremely strong against Fighting Pokemon.


Best Raid Counters for Lugia


To counter Lugia in raids, you’ll need to prepare Ghost, Electric, Rock, Dark, or Ice-type Pokemon. As mentioned earlier, there are no double-counter types for Lugia. One of the best counters for Lugia is Mega Gengar, with Lick and Shadow Ball. Besides Mega Gengar, Zekrom or Rampardos is great too.




Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Gengar


Lick (Elite TM)

Shadow Ball



Charge Beam

Wild Charge



Smack Down

Rock Slide






Best Moves for Lugia


The fast moves available for Lugia are Extrasensory and Dragon Tail, and it’s best to choose Extrasensory to benefit from the same type attack bonus. The charged moves to choose from are Future Sight, Sky Attack, Hydro Pump, and Aeroblast. Aeroblast requires an Elite TM, but for the Lugias caught on Sep. 1, and Sep. 8, they will have pre-learned Aeroblast.


The best moveset for Lugia is Extrasensory and Aeroblast. If you aren’t able to teach your Lugia Aeroblast, Sky Attack is the next best choice. There’s quite a big difference between Aeroblast and Sky Attack, so if you plan to use your Lugia often, it’s highly recommended you invest an Elite TM on your Lugia.


Shiny Lugias are available this time around. Let’s hope we encounter them!

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