How Seer's abilities will impact the Apex Legends Season 10 meta

Source: Respawn/EA

Seer is the newest tracker legend coming to Apex legends along with Season 10 Emergence next week. EA finally revealed Seer's kit during the EA Play Live event on Thursday. They also showcased some of the abilities in the Apex Legends Emergence launch trailer that EA debuted at the event.



Here is what we know about Seer's ability following the EA Play Live event.


Seer's abilities in Apex Legends

All of Seer's abilities are all about stealthy intelligence gathering.


He has a heartbeat sensor attached to his weapon as a passive. So when he is aiming-down-sights he will be able to detect enemies through walls. This will make him deadly in shorter range firefights, where Seer players will have an intel advantage.


His tactical ability can also give him a big advantage. Seer's tactical ability launches a series of micro-drones that will "reveal and track" nearby enemies. 


His ultimate ability sends out hundreds of drones, that will create a sphere surrounding a large area, with enemies inside the sphere being tracked. Any enemies that move through that area quickly will have their footsteps show, so the ability forces enemies to play around it if they want to remain inconspicuous.


What is Seer's place in the meta?

Seer's role is to be a tracker. With so many tracking abilities, he has more specific control over his tools than Bloodhound, which will make him better at sussing out very specific information. This could be useful in both the Battle Royale and the upcoming Ranked version of the Apex Arenas mode.


"Unlike bloodhound, Seer is about very precise and lingering information," explained Apex's game director Chad Grenier. "He is a bit more stealth-oriented legend. You are going to see some interactions because of his ultimate. If you are moving quickly through that space, your footsteps are revealed, but if you walk slowly you can avoid the detection. I think you will see some interesting experiences and the way people play because of that."


Seer's superior access to information has the potential to be very powerful. He could very well challenge Bloodhound's already arguably overpowered place in the Season 9 meta since his abilities could be particularly devastating to enemies in late circles when the stakes are at their highest.



Apex Season 10 launches on Tuesday, August 3rd.



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