Warzone Season 3 will bring new weapons and map update

Source: Activision

Activision announced their initial roadmap for Season 3 of Warzone and Black Ops Coldwar on Monday. The new season will start in just a few days on April 22nd and promises new content for fans of Cold War multiplayer, Warzone players, and fans of the newest Zombie mode Outbreak. At the very least, Warzone players can look forward to four new guns, two new melee weapons, and a map update during the upcoming Warzone Season 3.


Everything we know about Warzone Season 3

Activision confirmed on Monday that an all-new map update is coming to Warzone in the new season. Many players have suspected throughout Season 2 that Activision had plans to nuke Verdanske and create a new Cold War-themed post-apocalypse style map. We will have to wait and see how close this speculation is to reality, but we now know that at the very least some major map update is coming in Warzone Season 3.



Warzone Season 3 will also be bringing several new weapons to the game! Activision announced the following weapons for the upcoming season:


  • PPSH-41 SMG
  • Swiss K31 Marksmen Rifle
  • Carv.2  Bullpup Assault Rifle 
  • AMP63  SMG
  • Ballistic knife (warzone)
  • Baseball Bat 

The PPSH-41 and the Swiss K31 will drop with the new season on Thursday. The other four weapons will be released periodically throughout Warzone Season 3.


Finally, Activision revealed that a new event called "Hunt for Adler" will be coming to Warzone in Season 3. It is unclear what this event will entail, but the developers will presumably be releasing further details in the very near future, so stay tuned.


Everything we know about Cold War Season 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is receiving a number of new maps, new modes, and a brand new scorestreak as part of the Cold War Season 3 update. Cold War will also be getting all of the previously mentioned Season 3 weapons, with the exception of the Ballistic Knife.



Perhaps the most exciting Cold War-specific update is the announcement of four new multiplayer maps. Treyarch will be adding the following maps in Cold War Season 3:

  • Yamatau - 6 vs. 6
  • Diesel - 6 vs. 6 and 2 vs. 2
  • Standoff - 6 vs. 6
  • Duga - Multi-Team map

Both Yamatau and Diesel are expected to drop with the season on Thursday, while Standoff and Duga are expected to release mid-season.


There are two new Multiplayer modes coming in Season 3. Sticks & Stones will drop with the start of Season 3, while Multi-team Elimination is coming sometime during Season 3. There will also be a brand new scorestreak released in the new season called Strafe Run. Based on its name, Strafe Run will let players designate the path for a bombing run.


There will also be four new operators coming this season, with Wraith and Captain Price dropping with the season this week and KNight and Antonov releasing later in the season.


Season 3 Zombies updates

For fans of Zombies Outbreak, the new season will bring two new vehicles, a new Outbreak region, and a new field upgrade, among other things. The two new vehicles are the Cargo Truck and the FAV dune buggy, the new field upgrade is called Toxic Growth, and the new outbreak region is called Duga. We don't know much about these updates as of now, but hopefully we will learn more about what's coming to Outbreak in Season 3 very soon.

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