Keiti was allegedly released from Cloud9 White due to misconduct

Source: Cloud9


VALORANT observer and online influencer Mel released a Twitlonger on Friday, in which she asserted that Kaitlin "Keiti" Boop was released from Cloud9 White earlier this week because Mel came forward with accusations of misconduct against the Pro VALORANT player. According to Mel's Twitlonger, Keiti confessed that she was behind a burner account that threatened to leak nudes of Mel.



"Someone [recently] made a burner account to threaten to leak my nudes to people," Mel explained. "I ignored this initially after speaking to people about it. But then a day after (C9) Keiti, DM'd me saying my nudes have been leaked to her and that she's dming me to let me know. . . I kept talking to her in the DMs, when it finally clicked to me. Two years ago, she was in the Siege community, and I found out she was friends with M. I started asking her about that time, because I was curious, not knowing that's where the leaked nudes happened."


Mel continued, saying: "The same day that night, she kept messaging me. I joined a voice call with her when she confessed. She confessed to me that she was behind the burner account, threatening to leak my nudes. . . She threatened to leak my nudes to me, because she wanted a reason to reach out to me on her main account.. . . She's said many things in the recording which made me almost forgive her. But, I shouldn't have to go through the stress and frustration just because someone wants to be friends with me."


Mel explained that she went to Cloud9 with this matter and requested that they handle the situation quietly, a request they respected. However, Mel says that she changed her mind after seeing the overwhelming support from the community for someone who "has tramatuzied [her] greatly."



"Seeing everyone speculating about what happened to C9W was an immensely triggering experience for me," Mel revealed. "All I feel is guilty. Guilty they're not able to play in the VCT Quals. Guilty there's so many disapproving eyes on them. Guilty Cloud9 got a lot of flak for something that wasn't their fault. I'm sorry to the players of C9W, I'm so sorry to Cloud9."


Keiti was suddenly released from Cloud9 White last week. The decision at the time was confusing to many, due to how well the player had been performing for the team. It appears that, at least based on what Mel claimed in her Twitlonger, Keiti was removed due to misconduct.

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