[Interview] VG kkOma: “I want to find and properly nurture rookies with potential, so that even after 2-3 years, the team can sustain itself.”


Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun shared his reasons for his move to Vici Gaming, and his goals with the organization.


On the 17th (KST), Vici Gaming announced via their official Weibo that the former head coach for T1 joined their organization. Although it was news that was unofficially confirmed through many sources, with many of the former T1 members, such as Mata and Khan, transferring to the LPL, fans from all around the world are talking about this news. Inven Global caught up with kkOma on the 3rd (KST) to talk about his thoughts on his move to Vici Gaming.


The following is a previously unreleased excerpt on kkOma's thoughts on his move to Vici Gaming from the interview on the 3rd (KST).



What made you decide to move to Vici Gaming?


Vici Gaming is at the bottom of the LPL standings. I wanted to go to such a team to teach the various systems in relation to player management, and wanted to grow the team for the better. Just because they’re a bottom-tier team, the amount of pressure I’m under is just the same as it was with T1. However, I’m going with the mindset of really wanting to teach various things.

Did you perhaps want to find joy in making a bottom-tier team better?


Yes. I wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment through teaching new things and producing results. I want to elevate the team’s overall standards, and teach them new things.

What kind of a team will you shape Vici Gaming to be?


More than anything else, I’d like to create a ‘healthy team’. Instead of setting short-term goals, such as winning the split in 2020, I want to find and properly nurture rookies with potential, so that even after 2-3 years, the team can sustain itself. I told the team that while chasing what’s in front of you out of hunger for victory can lead the team to become a mid-tier LPL team, but it’ll be impossible to win the championship trophy. I believe that they really understood me in that regard, and if Vici Gaming only asked me to lead the team to become the LPL champions, I would’ve never signed my contract with them.

Heading into the LPL, what are some of the things that you’re worried about?


There are too many things to count. What if the team comes in last again (laughter)? I’m always worried about it, but it’s something that I’m living with.

Other than the salary, what other offers from Vici Gaming were appealing?


The definite reason why I was able to sign so quickly was because the organization and I had the same thought processes. If I contemplated offers from other teams and stalled for time, I could’ve asked for a higher salary, but I didn’t because of the aforementioned reason.

Fans are worried because of bad history with former SKT players and Vici Gaming.


I actually found out after I joined, but I was told that the structure of the team is going to be completely revamped, so there’s no need for worries. I started to look for available players late into the free-agency period, so although there aren’t too many good players to pick up, I hope to find at least one good prospect and look at things long-term.

What are some things that you’re anticipating in the LPL? 


I want to learn many new things. There will be so many new things to learn. If something is worth learning, I always try to learn it. Even if my past career experiences can seem extravagant, when you’re in a new team, it’s always the same. I hope to get on the same level as the players and hope to improve as a unit.

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