NEOWIZ's 'Skul' Draws Praise at the 'WePlay Game Expo

- Exhibited from December 7th~8th

- Set up a gaming area and ran special events

- Received rave reviews from attendees

'Skul: The Hero Slayer', a game being published by NEOWIZ (CEO Ji-Soo Moon) and in development by SouthPaw Games (CEO Sang Woo Park), had a great showing at the '2019 WePlay Game Expo' in Shanghai.

Held at the 'Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing' from December 7th to the 8th, the 'WePlay Game Expo' is an event that has been growing leaps and bounds with each passing year. This year's event featured some big names in the gaming industry like Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft. Smash-hit indie games such as Dead Cells and Muse Dash also drew a lot of attention from the game expo attendees.


As for NEOWIZ, they set up a booth for gamers to try out their new title 'Skul' and experience it first-hand. Players that reached certain stages of the game were given Skul-related swag as were attendees that added the official Skul WeChat account to their friend's list. Overall, people who tried the game said they were impressed with the game's action and pixel art graphics.

One of the NEOWIZ representatives remarked, "Attending this game expo gave us a great opportunity to show off our game and we were delighted to receive so much interest and good feedback from the people who tried it out". 

Skul is a 2D action-platformer late in development that features pixel-art graphics and a fast-paced, exciting battle system. The main character (Skul) in particular has received rave reviews for its ability to change skulls and turn into a variety of different characters each with its own uniques abilities. This feature should appeal to both Korean and international gamers alike.

Starting on December 12th, Beta Testing will begin for 'Skul' for gaming content creators around the globe. You can apply to participate here.


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