JAG Teddy: "I want to beat KT Rolster."


On February 4th (KST), Jin Air Green Wings managed to defeat Afreeca Freecs with a 2-0 record, winning for the first time in the Split after suffering through the 3-match losing streak.

Behind their precious win, Jinsung "Teddy" Park have pulled a lot of weight. Not only he survived through MaRin's Rumble and made a dramatic comeback in Game 1, but he also dealt the most damage to champions in Game 2, proving how he is one of the best AD Carry that the LCK can offer.

Here is our interview with Teddy.

Congratulations on your win against Afreeca Freecs. How are you feeling right now?

I was depressed after our third loss in a row. I think we won because we pulled ourselves together while taking a good rest during Lunar New Year holiday. I feel elated.

Game 1 was spectacular to say the least. What are your thoughts as someone who was part of that game?

Gyeonghwan "MaRin" Jang was too good - I had to survive through his Equalizer whenever my Flash was on cooldown, and it was very difficult.

You've been harassed a lot for the entire game in Game 1. How difficult was it to survive through it?

We were ahead in the early game, but their composition was just too good. I couldn't do anything when Flash was on cooldown since they chained CC very well.

You are well-known for being praised by other players. What are your own thoughts about yourself?

I'm just a simple AD Carry. I just played as I wanted to, and everyone praised my plays for some reason. My role model was Hyukgyu "Deft" Kim. I've watched many videos of him playing and practiced to mimic his plays.

Why do you think your team was on a losing streak?

Our shotcalling was divided, we've given out too many solo kills and we couldn't snowball our early game advantages.

Your next match will be against KT Rolster. How will your prepare?

We'll prepare just like we have prepared for today. We put a lot of pressure and focus on the botlane. Deft-Mata duo might be strong, but I don't think we'll lose to them. We may or may not bring an unexpected pick, but if we do, it will probably be a toplaner.

Thank you for your time. Any parting words?

I want to beat KT Rolster.

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