Lunatic-Hai tobi: "I am so thankful for the fans' continuous support."


The second matchup of today's Overwatch APEX saw Lunatic-Hai win 3-1 against LW Blue, showing their strength as a team especially in dive compositions. Zunba's Zarya shields and Ryujehong's supreme mechanics provided solid support to Miro's Winston and WhoRU's Genji that continuously broke through LW Blue. Lunatic-Hai's solidarity came especially strong in Set 4 Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where Lunatic-Hai continuously dismantled LW Blue's formation with WhoRU's Genji picking up kills one by one. LW Blue, on the other hand, showed some creative strategic decisions with Fl0w3R's sharp projectile accuracy and broad hero pool spanning from Hanzo to Winston. LW Blue took the first set in Oasis rather easily and pulled tight rounds of battle, but collapsed in crucial moments giving way to Lunatic-Hai.


Jinmo "tobi" Yang boasted his Wall Ride skill once again in Temple of Anubis, preventing LW Blue from getting ticks on the point and successfully holding the enemies in crucial moments. He shared with us his thoughts about today's matchup and also how the team had been doing ever since the recent scandal broke out.


Lunatic-Hai finally took revenge against LW since the IEM Gyeonggi matchup. How do you feel?

We actually never won against LW Blue in other matchups. We prepared really hard for today because we thought we really had to win this one. We had some scandalous events that broke out recently, but could eventually come together as a team and win the match. I feel great.


You guys seemed really thrilled after the match was over. Is there any particular reason to that?

We were happy because we won against the team that we always lost, and also because we felt like our suffering finally paid off.


EscA did not play in the previous match. How was he today?

He seemed to have been on a lot of pressure. He woke up early and practiced hard. I think his effort paid off today.


Things were tough both for Lunatic-Hai and LW Blue. What was the team's general atmosphere like?

We were having a very tough time. We did not openly express that, but it was hard for us to focus on training when our teammates were going through hardship. What saddened me even more was that there was nothing I could do for them.


How do you think you guys could win today?

We were all doing great today. Miro seemed unstable when we were training together, but his Reinhardt was on point today and was as good as janus'. I think that is the reason why we could win today.


You are playing against Misfits next. What is your plan?

It is already confirmed that we are advancing to quarterfinals, so I think we will come up with diverse strategy. We will come up with compositions that can surprise the enemy.


Any last words?

I am so thankful for the fans that still support us even after the recent scandal. We will try harder.


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