G2 releases Worlds 2019 documentary: Chasing The Dream

The journey of G2 Esports in 2019 was an unprecedented one for European League of Legends. With two Split Championships under their belt and the Mid-Season Invitational trophy to boast, "the samurai" approached the largest stage: the League of Legends World Championship. The pink cloud grew larger and fluffier for European fans as G2 climbed its way through the Group Stage and then the Knockout Stage. But then the sky turned dark grey, when in the finals G2 got mercilessly swept away by FunPlus Phoenix.

Today the team released their perspective on the journey. Chasing The Dream, a documentary of almost an hour long, follows G2 from the first Group Stage match all the way to the climax of Worlds 2019.



For the largest part, the documentary consists of what you'd expect from a glimpse behind the curtain of this roster. The atmosphere is light-hearted, and there's time for jokes. But Chasing The Dream adds bits and pieces of one on one interviews too, which gives room for the team's indidual charms to sparkle. Mid laner Caps is the hopeful enthusiast, while coach GrabbZ is the measured father figure.

If you didn't follow Worlds 2019 as a fan of G2, or even of Europe as a League region, Chasing The Dream offers a good summary of why people were so charmed by G2. If you did follow Worlds as a fan, Chasing The Dream is a testiment to why being a fan was something to be proud of.

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