[Official] Artemis joins Irean to coach for Evil Geniuses

▲ Image source: Riot Games

Evil Geniuses has announced a second coach, with Connor "Artemis" Doyle joining the team as Assistant to Heo "Irean" Yeong-cheol. Artemis' greatest strengths are inspiring the team and finding ways to congeal an otherwise scattered identity, which should complement Irean's knowledge for the game. 

Artemis was most recently on Dignitas, being a major part of the team's 9th-to-Worlds run. When Dignitas stepped in to be more hands on with Clutch Gaming, he and Thomas "Thinkcard" Slotkin bumped up the preparation, and Artemis had a big part in changing team culture, shifting them into a winning mentality. 

In an interview with Inven Global, Artemis talked about how he and Thinkcard played off each others' strengths, and it is likely that he and Irean intend to create a similar dynamic. He said of himself, his "ability to create direction, team environment, and culture, inspire people, and just be an authentic leader... is unmatched currently in the LCS."

He then went on to say, "winning an LCS title is at the top of my list right now," and that the LCS "needs a new breed of team," and he is "excited to create a culture of excellence ... to bring a title to someone other than Team Liquid."

▲ Image source: Riot Games


After leaving Dignitas and joining the newest LCS organization, he has found a clean slate to work through his intentions to create a new "culture of excellence" in the LCS. His team has yet to announce a mid laner, but are expected to soon. Follow more on Evil Geniuses and other off-season news here.

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