Meta Athena Sayaplayer: "We will push hard with relentless attacks."


Meta Athena won against MVP Infinity 3-2 after going through all five matches, in which Each team took a set back and forth showing a tight matchup. Meta Athena had beautiful ult combos centered around Hoon's Graviton Surge with Deadeye and Dragonstrike sprinkled nicely on them. MVP Infinity also came strong taking a full hold in Hanamura led by Easybro's Mei and Undine's Torbjörn. MVP Infinity showed some interesting team compositions like attack Bastion and group flanks that greatly entertained the audience. However, despite the team's solid performance with creativity, MVP Infinity missed out several times on coordinations especially when it came to ult follow-ups. Set 5 King's Row saw Meta Athena come up with a twin sniper composition with Widowmaker and Hanzo. The unusual team composition seemed risky at first, but Meta Athena took point A very quickly followed by a smooth payload push and beautiful connection of Graviton with Dragonstrike. 

Jeongwoo "Sayaplayer" Ha boasted his sharp aim today, grappling high up in the air as Widowmaker and landing headshots before her feet touched the ground. He also showed smooth ult connections with Graviton Surge both as Tracer and as McCree, generating spectacular moments and making great contribution to the team's victory.

The following is post-match press interview with Sayaplayer.


How do you feel about today's matchup?

We knew MVP was a strong team, and we realized that once again as we were fighting against them today. I think our victory today is a really valuable one.


You went through all five games. Why do you think the fight was so tough today?

We were not as flexible in coming up with countermeasures. We had to swap heroes accordingly depending on situation, but we missed the right moment to do so. That left us unable to make pushes when necessary.


You showed really good plays with Widowmaker and McCree today.

My teammates set up things really well for me. All I had to do was to shoot because they did so well.


Your next matchup is against EnVyUs. Does that give you any pressure?

I don't feel pressure. I am rather excited about it and really looking forward to playing against them. I think playing against the best Overwatch team in the world would give us an idea of how good of a team we are.


What are your plans for your matchup against EnVyUs?

We play aggressively. We will push hard with relentless attacks like we did today.


What is your goal in this season?

We will first have to get past quarterfinals, but our goal is of course to win the tournament.


Any last words?

I wish more people would be interested in Meta Athena. Please keep it up for us.

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