[G-Star 2019: Video] A Close Look at Seven Knights Revolution: Flashy Production and Skill Combos

※ There's a lot of background noise, so please lower the volume before watching this video.



⊙Developer: Netmarble Nexus ⊙Genre: MMORPG ⊙Platform: Mobile ⊙Release: Late 2020


‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which is set to be released in late 2020, had its demo version revealed through the Netmarble booth at G-Star 2019.


‘Seven Knights Revolution’ is a new game that was developed with the IP from Netmarble’s title, Seven Knights, and is about how after the seven knights have disappeared, the knights that have gathered to save the world from chaos. The story starts off with the member of the ‘Grand Seed Order’ receiving a new mission, and the G-Star demo version starts off from there as well. Towards the end of the demo, a fight breaks off against Mir, and after all missions are finished, you received a present from Mir, and was able to transform into different heroes of Seven Knights.


The developer of Seven Knights Revolution, Ahn Joon-suk, commented, “There are many skills you can choose to use, depending on the situation, and we hope players can find joy in hitting, and dodging monsters, making them fly and break. Please pay close attention to the Quick Time Event, skill combinations, and the overall production of this game.”


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