Galakrond's most loyal servant debuts in newest Hearthstone reveal video

                                                                                                                                  Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
▲ Hearthstone Senior Game Designer, Chadd Nervig.


With a little more than two weeks until Hearthstone's final expansion of 2019 (Descent of Dragons) is released, Blizzard Entertainment has begun revealing some of the 135 cards that players will be able to play with on December 10.


On Monday morning, the team released a video showcasing a few new cards with Senior Game Designer, Chadd Nervig, as an on-site reporter.



New cards


When Kronx is played, bad things happen for the opponent. As Galakrond's most loyal servant, Kronx enables players to get proto-dragon to your hand and, if you happen to be Galakrond prior to playing him, players can select one of his Devastation spells to cast immediately. Making your board bigger, wiping out the opponent's side of the field, healing your hero and summoning a large Taunt minion allow players to be versatile with Kronx depending on the game state.



After a long history of getting weak or meme-y legendary cards, Hunter players around the world can rejoice as Veranus will soon enter their collection. A pseudo board clear alongside existing cards on the battlefield or cheap class spells, Veranus can allow players to push damage through or catch up if an opponent is getting a little too close for comfort.



Camouflaged Dirigible can enable mech-related combos and help minions stick around for players to Magnetic the following turn. In the current meta, Paladin's tend to use mechs alongside their quest in Standard while, in Wild, anything goes and so does the potential his card could have enabling unique decks.



Last-but-not-least, Hot Air Balloon is a sticky mech that could snowball quite quickly if players are not able to clear it off the board before players buff it with other cards or its health allows it to grow by itself. With the majority of the set yet to be revealed, it's unknown how many more mech minions could be coming in the next few weeks. But, after today's video, there's two more to consider and theorycraft with.

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