[Breaking News] cvMax Suspended Indefinitely from All Riot Competitions


Former Griffin head coach and current DragonX head coach Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho has been suspended indefinitely from all Riot competitions including the LCK.


On the 20th (KST), Riot announced the results of the investigation on the controversy within Griffin, Kanavi, former director Cho Gyu-nam, and cvMax. They applied penalties to several parties related in this matter, including the team, Cho, and cvMax.

The penalty applied to cvMax was an indefinite suspension. As of this penalty, cvMax won't be able to appear in the LCK. DragonX has not commented on this matter yet.

Below is the full statement of Riot Korea's announcement on cvMax's suspension.


We had announced in the mid-announcement on the 29th of October that we will continue to investigate the suspicions and reports.


During the investigation, we were notified of former Griffin head coach Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho had taken violent measures physically and verbally during his tenure in Griffin. As of this report, we investigated further based on both parties related along with the statements of the witness(es), and were able to identify that there was violence towards some of the players.


In any case, any kind of violence is not permitted in the LCK. Especially as a head coach within the LCK league, violence cannot be justified. It was identified that the verbal abuse towards players was at a level hard to endure as a person through multiple depositions and submitted material, and above all, some of the victims of the violence were minors at the time. This type of violent behavior is prohibited by the Korean law, or is against general ethical behavior. Therefore, we have concluded that cvMax's behavior is a serious breach against LCK rules.


Addressing the seriousness of this behavior, we impose an 'indefinite suspension' on cvMax. As of this suspension, we clarify that cvMax will not be able to participate in any esports events in any way that Riot Games holds or hosts including the LCK.

[Full Riot Korea's Announcement (KR)]

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