CLG and TSM agree to trade supports Biofrost and Smoothie

Vincent "Biofrost" Wang is returning to TSM, his first LCS org, according to a recent report by ESPN's Jacob Wolf. TSM and CLG have agreed to transfer their supports, meaning Andy "Smoothie" Ta will move to CLG, his fourth team since last July. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

Biofrost has been on CLG for two years since leaving TSM in 2017, but returns to his original org, where he won three domestic titles and attended Worlds back to back. He has yet to find the same success since, but neither has TSM, and this move may be what helps reignite the pair of them. 

Smoothie has had a similarly successful career as well, making it to multiple Worlds, but has never won an LCS title. He and TSM took Liquid to five games this Spring, but failed to close out the series. Smoothie will join another old guard org who also has not won a title nor attended Worlds in the past few years. Two two will seek to change that narrative in 2020, League's 10th professional season.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


CLG has confirmed their end of the deal, with their announcement on Twitter. Follow here closely for live updates on team rosters, and check out our twitter for more. 

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